New Interview with Tad Morose!
2/21/2014 3:07:47 PM by Eric

By 2003 few could dispute that Tad Morose were indeed superstars. The Swedish band was young, hungry and had seven records on their resume. After three releases on Black Mark the group signed to Century Media and enjoyed their biggest success to date between 2000 and 2003. One of the reasons for that success was the 2003 album "Modus Vivendi". The offering was arguably the band's best work and crowned a ten year run as one of metal's brightest stars. However the much anticipated follow-up didn't occur right away. In fact it took ten long years to reach fruition.

I had a moment to talk with Tad Morose guitarist Christer "Krunt" Andersson about the band's hiatus from the studio and the new album "Revenant". He says, "We had gone through a lot of lineup changes since "Modus Vivendi" and this has been frustrating for us. There have been times where I really doubted that there would be another album. But we just kept at it and finally we made it. We have been fighting for this all the time so it is not that we have just been sitting on our asses until now. The actual album took like three years to record too. But we recorded this in our own studios, which is very convenient but obviously very time consuming. I mean, you can always re-do something the next day or so and since we didn't have a record deal when we started to record "Revenant" we were in no hurry either. We also played live every now and then during this period, both with Tad Morose and most of us also with Inmoria which we did a UK tour with in 2011. It didn't take three years in a row to make the album, it was more like a few days here and a day there and so on. But from day one until it was done, mixed and mastered, it took about three years..

More of the interview with Krunt Andersson: [Interview Link]

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