New Interview with Black Plague!
2/7/2014 3:51:27 PM by Greg Watson

Recently I sat down with Black Plague, a local band in Virgina playing metal, working at expanding their audience, and taking measures towards getting national exposure. Their style is similar to Arch Enemy but their sound is all their own. Utilizing a mixture of styles, the band's sound is sure to appeal to fans of all genres of heavy metal. With an EP release looming on the horizon, I took a few minutes to talk with Stephanie (Vocals), Joe (Lead and rhythm guitar), Josh (rhythm and lead guitar), King (Drummer) and Jaton (Bassist) about their hopes, where they want to go next in their career, and profiling them in general.

Enjoy and make sure you check out their page to hear some of their music. I promise if you do, you'll be infected and craving more.

[Interview Link]

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