New Interview with the "Shredlord" Joe Stump!
10/25/2013 3:19:31 PM by Vinaya

Renowned shredder and Berklee College of Music Associate Professor Joe Stump doesn't just play fast; he also does it with alarming regularity, maintaining enough of a workload lately that intense speed may be required just to get it all done in time.

Towards the end of last year, Stump released his latest all-instrumental solo album, "Revenge of the Shredlord," an album that showed him continuing to hone his fleet-fingered Malmsteen and Blackmore-influenced neoclassical metal guitar work. Since then, he has been busy serving as touring guitarist for the band Raven Lord, recording with various high-profile collaborators and working on his first instructional book for Berklee Press/ Hal Leonard, the completion of which he announced in August of this year. Titled "Joe Stump's Metal Guitar Chop Shop," the book is ten chapters in length and is expected to be available in early 2014, according to Stump.

VS: I think it's the best sounding of your solo records I've heard.

Stump: Yeah, it's not like I have a massive budget to do stuff. But I think, all things considered, it really came out quite good. And I'm really proud of it. It's a very heavy record, very aggressive, very dark, Classical, and [with] some of my best playing and stuff. There's a lot of solos and stuff where I was just kind of going forward, [feeling] very inspired and stuff, so it's always nice to capture that stuff.

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