New Interview with Cristiano Migliore of Lacuna Coil!
3/16/2012 3:03:05 PM by Frank

Maximum Metal's Greg Watson recently caught up with Cristiano "Pizza" Migliore of Lacuna Coil to talk about the new record, Gigantour, and doing more music in Italian:

"Gigantour just sort of happened. Dave (Mustaine of Megadeth) tries to put together a package that works really well and he actually personally asks every band to do it. We love Megadeth and had a great experience on the Australian Gigantour. It was such a great package and we were excited to have been invited to be on a tour like this. To be honest, I'm seeing a huge crowd everynight. You have fans that listen to old school metal and then a lot of kids that listen to newer stuff. Every band is getting a great reaction. Only a handful of our fans make it because of us playing for only a half hour, the ticket price and maybe just not being interested in any of the other bands that are playing. It's really something great to be happening to us and we couldn't feel luckier to be a part of it."

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