New Interview with Iced Earth' Jon Schaffer!
2/7/2012 4:09:29 PM by Frank

Iced Earth's new album, "Dystopia" was released in October in Europe and the United States. Greg Watson recently had a chance to see how things were going with IE constant Jon Schaffer and his many projects...

MM: After 20 plus years in the business, what continues to drive you to continue creating music?

A: Who I am is what drives me. The business side doesn't do much but piss me off most times but it's a part of the package and something you have to put up with. The whole thing is that I am a songwriter and that's what I do. This is what I have to do to get my songs heard but you have to put up with a lot of shit with the business. Life and its lessons keeps me motivated as a writer. You have to look inward as an artist, not necessarily to other bands and just stay honest. That's why our fans are so loyal because the fans know we are for real.

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