The Unknown Zone

Canadian Progressive Thrash Band

By: David Loveless, Josh Greer
Published: Monday, September 17, 2018
Without a doubt, Voivod is one of the most strangely influential metal bands of all times. Helping to merge the punk and metal scenes in the early to mid 80's, Voivod set a new standard for obscure, yet relevant, thrash metal. With the upcoming release of their fourteenth studio album, 'The Wake', Maximum Metal is welcoming Voivod to the Unknown Zone to take a look at some of their least popular songs; songs that didn't quite make the "play list" but are hidden gems that may have been overlooked.

"Voivod" (from War and Pain 1984)
"Iron Gang" (from War and Pain 1984)
"Korkull The Exterminator" (from Rrroooaaarrr! 1986)
"Ripping Headaches" (from Rrroooaaarrr! 1986)
Every Song (from Killing Technology 1987)
Every Song (from Dimension Hatross 1988)
"Astronomy Domine" (from Nothingface 1989)
"Best Regards" (from Angel Rat 1991)
"Time Warp" (from The Outer Limits 1993)
"Nonoman" (from Negatron 1995)
"Phobos" (from Phobos 1997)
"Rebel Robot" (from Voivod 2003)
"Mr. Clean" (from Katorz 2006)
"Global Warning" (from Infini 2009)
"Kluskap O'Kom" (from Target Earth 2013)


Blower (War and Pain)
This track is fast, aggressive and showcases why they were a staple in the punk & metal communities. --David

Slaughter In A Grave (Rrroooaaarrr!)
Another blast of thrash with a hint of Motorhead. One of my all-time favorite tracks by Voivod. --David

Trashing Rage (Rrroooaaarrr!)
Just straight-up no-holds-barred dirty thrash metal that only Voivod could pull off! --David

Pre-Ignition (Nothingface)
Nothingface has a much improved production and the music still borders on Thrash as well as focusing on a new “alternative” direction. Pre-Ignition--however--is a 5 minute discordant jam session! --David

Nuage Fractal (Angel Rat)
Although completely stepping away from their Thrash roots and heading in a more alternative metal direction, there is no mistaking that this is Voivod. --David

The Lost Machine (The Outer Limits)
Ditching much of the alternative experimentation that was found on 'Angel Rat'’', Voivod steps in a heavier, more progressive direction with 'The Outer Limits’. Even though it wasn’t one of their more popular albums, it still produced some excellent tracks, like "The Lost Machine". --David

Negatron (Negatron)
This song is creepy, spacey, heavy as hell, and 100% Voivod. --David

Forlorn (Phobos)
There is no doubt that 'Phobos' is Voivod's heaviest album! It's psychedelic brutality wasn't expected upon release but quickly became one of my favorite albums by them. Although going through several time changes, this is one of their most aggressive songs to date! --David

Strange and Ironic (Voivod)
Voivod's self-titled album features the return of Snake on vocals and Jason Newstead on Bass. Probably one of their most overlooked albums in their discography, it features some killer tracks, such as this one! --David

Odds & Frauds (Katorz)
'Katorz' is probably my least favorite in the Voivod discography, as it heads in a more commercial direction, but there are several good tracks that deserver multiple spins. This one is a straight-up rocker! --David

Krap Radio (Infini)
'Infini' is my favorite Jasonic-era Voivod album and shows a bit of a return to some of their earlier albums. Working with the remainder of Piggy's recorded guitar tracks, they saved the best for last. This one is definitely the sleeper track of the album. --David

Corps Estranger (Target Earth)
Featuring new guitarist--and lifelong Voivod fan--Daniel "Chewy" Mongrain, Voivod return to their Thrash roots and deliver one of their best albums since 'Phobos'. This songs is a standout Thrasterpiece! --David

Condemned to the Gallows (War and Pain)
Despite landing on the cassette release of 'War and Pain', this track was only available on the now infamous Metal Massacre V compilation. The sludgy intro unleashes the full early Voivod attack of distorted bass, punk drum beats that could only be matched with Piggy's reverb drenched string bends and Snake's post-apocalyptic nuclear screams. It doesn't get much more classic early Voivod than this track. --Josh

Fuck off and Die (Rrroooaaarrr!)
The title says it all--total chaos with a punk/hardcore attitude from these still very young Canadians dancing the fine line of performing and recording beyond your ability all the while still learning how to write lyrics in English. Crank the volume and dive head first into the grinder of Korgull the Exterminator. --Josh

Missing Sequences (Nothingface)
A true turning point for the band and unfortunately some of the fans, this was the album and time for Voivod to finally embrace how melodic they could be all the while still proving that the energy wasn't losing any steam. It was time to fully leave behind the raw sound and image. Progress must be made from a band so unique and talented and "Missing Sequences" is the track! --Josh

Angel Rat (Angel Rat)
Long shunned by fans and critics, 'Angel Rat' is possibly the most melodic and adventurous Voivod album to date. On the surface, some may scream "sell out" or fear that our beloved Canadian sci-fi thrashers had lost their edge. Upon further inspection one will realize that this is total progress and melodic discovery from a brave band not caring too much about pleasing the majority. --Josh

We Are Not Alone (The Outer Limits)
Certainly a far cry from traditional Thrash Metal, Voivod once again bridge the gap between a normal day and alien abduction with this catchy upbeat story of what lies beyond the stars. --Josh

Insect (Negatron)
I am including this track despite the fact there was a music video for this song. The reason why is that Snake and Blacky were long gone at this point yet Voivod carried on even when they couldn't have been more unpopular, all the while adopted the 90's agro direction but maintaining a vision and style that only Voivod can achieve. --Josh

Facing Up (Voivod)
One could easier dismiss the anticipation and well reception of this record due to Snake coming back on vocals and Jason Newsted's dramatic departure from Metallica to join his Canadian heroes. The fact of the matter is, even with a more stripped down approach (at least by Voivod standards) this self-titled "comeback" record still holds strong all the years later. Snake's thoughtful and poetic vocals continue to progress yielding Voivod as reigning leaders. --Josh

Volcano (Infini)
I have yet to understand why this track never made it into the live set around the time of this tour. This is easily the most aggressive, catchy and Voivod blower bass rocking tune on the record. R.I.P. Piggy forever and with the upmost respect to the band for doing the best they could releasing these albums without their dear friend and guitarist. "Volcano" screams youthful attitude and an obvious unforgiving Motorhead influence. --Josh

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