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Staff Want List for 2010!

By: Maximum Metal Staff
Published: Monday, January 4, 2010
2010 WANT LISTS: Some generic fun from us guys here at MM and a chance to throw out a plug or three...

Bullet For My Valentine - The new album from the English metalcore act tops my list folks. I was completely blown away by the group's debut, "The Poison", and felt the band rebounded nicely with sophomore effort "Scream Aim Fire". Now that Matt Tuck has his vocals in line and all surgeries and illness well behind him I really think the group could come up with their CAREER album. The new song they showed off live on the Metal Mayhem Tour was phenomenal with it's Smith/Murray twin string combo. This band should be big for 2010.

Iron Maiden - Not sure if a new album will happen this year but I know the band are working hard and have song ideas and some recordings in place. May not see this until late in the year or early 2011. Either way I'm standing in line with open arms.

Motorjesus - New album is absolutely MANDATORY. The "100,000 Watt EP" that showed up last year indicates the band is in full command, beaming with metallic intensity that no other German band can muster. This should be HUGE!

The Showdown - This Tennessee band could deliver their career best this year. The band had a metalcore beginning, traded it in on solid sophomore rock album "Temptation Comes My Way" and then went straight out 'core fury with "Backbreaker". We will see what happens fourth time around with these talented youngsters.

Blind Guardian - The German power metal leaders return in 2010 after a long hiatus! The last album was one of the better albums of their career and I'm anxiously awaiting what Hansi and the boys have come up with for this new album. I hope this hits on time for mid-summer.

There are tons of bands that have somewhat disappeared with no real evidence of a new album coming. I would really like to see the below bands come up with an EP or full recording for 2010:

The Quill - Audioslave - Voodoo Six - Accept - Endeverafter - Zero Down - Deceased - October 31 - Morgana Lefay - Seventh One - Anthrax - Testament

Limited funds and vacation time doesn't allow for much in the way of concerts but I do have plans to see:

Megadeth's "Rust In Peace" - 20th Anniversary tour of "Rust In Peace" and the reunion of Dave and Dave on stage...WOW! Along side is Testament and Exodus doing the same retrospective setlist as well. Worth $40 in a town near you!!

Dokken/Great White - Not much in the way of an actual tour...but this is hitting my hometown this year and everyone knows I am a huge Dokken fan and consider myself a DREAM WARRIOR! I know it isn't Lynch and the original lineup but I've loved the non-Lynch albums and Don's great songwriting these days.

Not much in the way of metal DVDs cominig that interests me. I would like to see a new In Flames, Papa Roach and an updated pro-shot Killswitch Engage show reach DVD this year.

Non-metal DVDs I am hoping to see land include the French horror flick "Mutants", the Norwegian horror flick "Cold Prey 2" and hopefully a DVD release of "Three On A Meathook" and "Dark Night Of The Scarecrow". On a side note I am BEGGING anyone to produce a DVD, DVD-R or bootleg VHS of made-for-TV flick "The Haunting Of Sarah Hardy".

How about an updated "Collector's Guide To Heavy Metal" from Martin Popoff!?!

Selected albums I'm looking forward to (or am looking forward to listening to that have already come out) in the first part of the year:

Ihsahn - After: 'angL', as it ages, is becoming the clear favorite over 'The Adversary' as Ihsahn's most developed and mature work to date. If 'After' continues even half as much down that same road, the man's status as living metal legend will be cemented (as if it were ever in doubt). With two truly classic albums from Emperor (the first two--the second two had great moments, but are much less revered), it seems unlikely that his solo career will ever compare to his tenure in Emperor--but maybe it should.

Charred Walls of the Damned - S/T : On the list of ex-members of Death, which includes some rather rarefied names, Richard Christy and Steve DiGiorgio rank at or near the top in their respective fields. The two also 'collaborated' briefly in Iced Earth, another group notorious for members who essentially amount to session players. With these two masters reunited in a project where they're not beholden to a visionary or egomaniac, and additionally featuring a third Iced Earth ex-member in Ripper Owens, the quotient of metal power at work here is nearly incalculable. Let's cross our fingers.

Tarot - Gravity of Light : Despite his continually stellar performance in the multi-platinum Nightwish, Marco Hietala is still one of the most underrated vocalists in power and traditional metal. Tarot has evolved over the years--decades, really--from brash and up-tempo to slinky and dour, but always has maintained a good balance between metal's edge and rock's irresistible pizazz. Front-to-back excellence has long eluded them on record, though; if they've ever had a chance to make a statement, it's this year, with their impending direct-support appearance at ProgPower USA 2010.

Frank Hill 2010 WANT LIST
The year is already going in an extremely positive direction. I've been sampling the Swedish rock scene for a few weeks to the point it's beat like a backyard mongrel, so I'm ready to get back to some METAL!

The new Overkill is a monster of a record. The new Poisonblack is the perfect Autumn downer to listen to during the Summer.

Top of the list for me is a new Iron Maiden. When I'm listening to stuff from No Prayer for the Dying and Skunkworks just to get a Dickinson fix, then I need something new. Also looking forward to hearing Unleashed, Outshine, a full-length Motorjesus and I need to catch up with the Dark Tranquillity release already out. Rumor has it that Van Halen and Roth are making music again. If they can come close to "Me Wise Magic", I'd be happy. Something from Blind Guardian and Biomechanical would also hit the metal spot.

I just picked up the new Volbeat dvd "Live:Sold Out". They should be a great counter to the gloom I feel from Poisonblack.

I am always excited when I find some fired-up unknown band from Nowheresville, Chicago-Germany-Japan-Brazil-Finland, making bad-ass, DIY music that stands up as strong as any of the big boys.

Here's hoping Ronnie James Dio is given a clean bill of health for 2011.

Iron Maiden-The Final Frontier: Hey, it's Maiden, even with the occasional mis-step like '06's A Matter of Life and Death, which, like JP's Nostradamus, completely collapsed under it's own wanton gluttony, you still expect good things from the "legends", and so it goes without saying, when there's a new Maiden album on the horizon, I'll carry the anticipation of a high quality, killer release.

Blackmore's Night-yet to be titled: Sure, it's not metal, but any vehicle the inimitable Ritchie Blackmore uses to unfurl is whimsical and unmatched guitar virtuosity is a glory to these ears; and, btw, yes, I'm down with all the "dungeons and dragons" motif, so it's another aspect I can appreciate, nevermind Candice's awesome voice...

Cathedral-The Guessing Game: A double album! from one of the most unique and original bands in any genre, let alone doom?...I'm there in spades!

Danzig-yet to be titled: Okay, I've absorbed all things Danzig since the Misfits' days right up through Circle of Snakes and all the troubling and spotty post-Biscuits/Christ/Von output, yet, I still look forward to anything new from the dark brooder of horror, knowing there'll be at least a couple of gems to relish, and we can always hope for something hearkening back to albums 1-4, however unlikely that'll be...

Unleashed-As Yggdrasil Trembles: It may already be out by the time you read this, but I've been a huge fan for years. No expectations other than looking for another slab of tracks in the vets' tried and true style, and when it's kick-ass death metal of this brand, that's fine by me.

Place of Skulls-As A Dog Returns: C'mon folks...nevermind the christian lyrics (if that happens to be a sore spot for you), former Pentagram guitarist Victor Griffin's current band of all things doom is pure bliss, every album of the highest quality, so expect nothing less here when this finally drops.

Iron Maiden/Dream Theater: tix are in hand, or more appropos, somewhere in the digital ether (paperless tickets and all!), but I'm about to rectify a 30 year travesty this summer, yeah, that's right, I've never seen Maiden *gasp*! And I've seen a llllooootttt of bands in my time, but for whatever reason the timing as always eluded me, well no more dammit!

Slayer/Megadeth/Testament: still holding my tix for the rescheduled date now in August, seen 'em all several times, but all on one bill? This is a no-brainer. (BTW, the current Testament/Megadeth/Exodus tour is a no-brainer as well, work commitments keeping me away from that one :( oh well)

Progpower XI: this'll be my 5th excursion to the Atlanta fest, and with a bill headlined by Kamelot and Hammerfall, it should be another helluva good time!

Rush-Beyond the Lighted Stage: Filmed by Sam Dunn, who gave us "Headbangers Journey", this is sure to illuminating!

Saxon-Heavy Metal Thunder: This documentary is about ready to ship, and man I can't wait. Greivously underrated by those outside the metal community, these stalwarts of the NWOBHM are giving fans a huge gift with this, should be great.

The Life, Near Death, And Rebirth Of A Rock Star: Deep Purple And Beyond - Glenn Hughes: This biography should be a great expose on one of rock's most recognizable voices.

In closing, I echo EC's sentiments for another Popoff "Collector's Guide" book, but, I correspond occasionally with him and unfortunately there's nothing currently in the works for such an ambitious effort (can you imagine how big the "2000's" book would be?!), even his Ye Olde Metal series is on hold while he's working in other mediums to get his metal knowledge to the masses. Stay metal everyone and stay tuned, there's more great heavy on the horizon!

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