Tales from the Jugular

Charity Bits and Pieces

By: Frank Hill
Published: Saturday, November 12, 2005
Tales From The Jugular - Charity Bits and Pieces

Residents in the United States are still taking help for Hurricane Katrina and bands are still helping out. Here's a great power/industrial band that until further notice, is giving all proceeds from the sales of their CD "bLEEd" on CD Baby and iTunes to the Red Cross' Disaster Relef Fund. Their lead singer ROCKS her ass off, so get ya an awesome CD and help some people out.

Link: www.themissing.com

Tell them Maximum Metal sent you and spread the faith.


For all you long-hairs, here's a note from our Dutch staffer Edwin van Hoof:

Being a journalist / photographer, and above all--a rocker, sometimes you receive odd requests. This one struck me when my wife pointed it out to me after having read an internet log from a little girl that was so full of joy about locks of love. But visiting the website, I really thought instantly that this is an organisation we as rockers can relate to and can contribute to.

This organisation is helped with that one thing that makes us stand out in society: OUR HAIR! Locks of Love (www.locksoflove.org) is a not-for-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under the age of 18 with medical hair loss (kids that are undergoing chemo and treatment). These custom-fitted hair prosthetics are provided free of charge or on a sliding scale to children whose families meet the Locks of Love Board of Directors guidelines.

Donated hair is evaluated for its usefulness according to the following guidelines:
1.    The donated hair must be at least 10 inches (preferably 12") in length
2.    It must be bundled in a pony tail or braid
3.    It must be free of hair damaged by chemical processing
4.    The hair must be clean and dry, placed in a plastic bag, and mailed in a padded envelope to:

Locks of Love
2925 10th Avenue N., Suite 102
Lake Worth, FL 33461

Monetary donations to Locks of Love are tax deductible as well!

So, if you want to chop it all off like James Hetfield or Chris Cornell once did, send it off to a good cause!


I got a kick of of this news report. If this ain't a stereotype come true, I don't know what is. The names have been blanked to protect the innocent/guilty/stoned:

ROGERSVILLE, TN - When Rogersville police arrived at ________'s apartment Tuesday afternoon, officers say the air inside was filled with marijuana smoke and the rock group AC/DC's song "Highway to Hell" was blaring on his stereo. An RPD Officer knocked on ________'s door and asked him to turn his music down. "He turned it down a little," the officer told the Times-News Thursday. "Not much. Not enough to matter." ________ was "beyond stoned," the officer said. After a brief tussle _______ was taken into custody and police allegedly found four ounces of marijuana in the apartment along with two marijuana plants growing under special lights in a closet.

Insert your favorite white trash name in the blanks for full effect.

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