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By: Various
Published: Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Now Playing - Musicians and Staff

We thought it would be interesting to poll various metal folks about what they have been listening to of late. Anyone who occasionally checks out our reviews or browses their local stores realizes that there is a ton of new metal sitting on the shelves. We were curious what everyone out there was digging, whether it is old, new, used, or abused, we wanted to know who is spinning what, and share that valuable info to you, the metal reader.

Michael Marino - Guitarist For Avenue F (www.avenuef.com)

"Let's see...Loudness, a rap/rock unsigned band called One Day Left (very good), um...Britney Spears....stop laughing...and of course Avenue F. I'm currently looking forward to the new Anthrax and U2."

Michael Seifert - Vocalist For Rebellion & Black Destiny (www.blackdestiny.de)

Sentenced - "Down"
Sentenced - "Frozen"
Samael - "Reign Of Light"
Secrets Of The Moon - "Carved In Stigmata Wounds"
Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - "A Virgin And A Whore"

Sammy Simpson - Guitarist For Wolf's Moon (www.wolfsmoon.de)

"Today I listened To Slayer`s "Show No Mercy" and "Hell Awaits", to "Fate Of Norns" from Amon Amarth. Last week I joined "The Year Of The Witch" by the great band Seven Witches, and Jag Panzer's "Casting The Stones". Then I heard "Graveyard Classics II" ( Back In Black ) by Six Feet Under and the promo version of the new Kreator album "Enemy Of God", which is totally killer by the way. I alyways listen to "Tempo Of The Damned" by Exodus, "First Strike Still Deadly" by Testament, and Overkill's "Killbox 13", and "The Wretched Spawn" by Cannibal Corpse and "Nymphytamine" by Cradle Of Filth. You see...very different stuff.

King Fowley - Vocalist For Deceased & Oct. 31 (www.upthetombstones.com)

Gwen Stefani - "L.A.M.B"
Oct. 31 - "No Survivors" Advance Tape
KISS - "The Elder"
Mercyful Fate - "Don't Break The Oath"
Underdog - "Rabies In Town"
Deceased - Rehearsals For New CD
Highway Chile - "Storybook Heroes"
Chevy - "The Taker"
Dark Quarter - "ST"
Incubus - "To The Devil A Daughter"

Louie Gasparro - Drummer For Supervillain (www.musicrealms.com/supervillain/)

"My latest listenings this week have been to Miles Davis "Kind Of Blue", Rainbow "Rising" & "Live In Germany", Black Sabbath "Mob Rules", Yes "Drama" & "Relayer", Judas Priest "Stained Class",
Rush "Hemispheres"...that's pretty much it for the past week"

Steven Wedel - Horror Novelist Of "Murdered By Human Wolves" & "Shara" (www.stevenewedel.com)

Iced Earth - "Tribute to the Gods"
AC/DC - "For Those About to Rock"
Rob Zombie - "Past, Present, Future"
Alice Cooper - "Eyes of Alice Cooper"
Kiss - "Alive III"

Marc Sasso - Artist (www.marcsasso.com)
Iron Savior - Dark Assault and Condition Red
Gamma Ray - Skeletons In The Closet
Iommi with Glenn Hughes
Feinstein - Third Wish
Megadeth - The System Has Failed
Halford - Crucible
Dream Evil - The Book Of Heavy Metal
And while I've been eating my lunch I've been watching Priest Live from Memphis on the Screaming for Vengeance tour. Bonus DVD from the Metalogy boxed set.

Emo Mowery - Guitars/Vocals for Leash Law (www.lease-law.com)

In the truck.
Carcass - Necroticism Descanting the Insalubrious
Death - Individual Thought Patterns

In the house:
Judas Priest - Screaming for Vengeance
Judas Priest - Electric Eye DVD

Michael Poulsen - Vocalist For Volbeat (www.volbeat.dk)

Social Distortion - "Sex, Love, & Rock & Roll"
Megadeth - "The System Has Failed"
Greenday - "American Idiot"
Elvis Presley - Random
Manic Street Preachers - "Lifeblood"

Chris Lotesto - Ion Vein (www.ionvein.com)

Dio - Master of the Moon
The Haunted - Revolver
Metal Church - The Weight of the World
Jag Panzer - Casting the Stone
Mastodon - Leviathan

John K. - Vocalist For Biomechanical (www.biomechanical.co.uk)

I have to say I am listening to soundtracks more than anything else but if a metal album is played it's usually a classic such as Master of Puppets or Vulgar display of Power and Painkiller. Soundtracks are my most played albums. All time favourite 'The Empire Strikes Back' composed by John Williams spins quite regularly. And most Williams CDs (trust me I have a lot of them!!!) find their way on my player. Other than Williams I check out Elliot Goldenthal, Jerry Goldsmith (RIP :-( ), James Horner and many others but Williams is always at the top of my list. So between the space battles and manic recording schedules I squeeze some time for my all time favourite metal albums: Operation Mindcrime, Master of Puppets, Vulgar Display of Power, Painkiller.

Tim Gutierrez & Kevin 131 of Project: Failing Flesh (www.projectfailingflesh.com)

Cult of Luna - "Salvation"
The Haunted - "rEVOLEr"
Jesu - "Heartache"
Bailter Space - "Robot World"
Katatonia - "Viva Emptiness"

Kevin 131
Celtic Frost - "To Mega Therion"
Ram Zet - "Escape"
Sacrifice - "Forward to Termination"
Mnemic - "Audio Injected Soul"
Laika - "Wherever I am..."

Daniel Stevenson - Guitarist For Mouthful Of Flies/Ex-Guitarist For Bloodstone

Megadeth - "The System Has Failed"
Rammstein - "Reise Reise"
Lamb of God - "Ashes of the Wake"
Motorhead - "Inferno"


Troy Cole (also known as The The Unknown Owner)
Megadeth - The System Has Failed
Megadeth - Youthanasia (remaster)
Gwar - War Party
Scum Of The Earth - Blah...Blah...Blah...Love Songs For The New Millennium
Arch Enemy - Dead Eyes See no Future (EP)

Agent Of Steel (also known as The Laziest Man On Earth)
Hirax - "The New Age of Terror"
October 31 - "No Survivors" (unmastered advance copy)
EF Band - "Deep Cut"
Warlord - "Deliver Us"
Manowar - "Battle Hymns"
Hammers of Misfortune - "The August Engine"
Salem's Wych - "Betrayer of Kings"
Attacker - "Soul Taker"
Scorpions - "Taken By Force"
Scorpions - "In Trance"

Axeman (also known as the Big, Bald Dude Who Blocks Shows)
1. Tartharia- Abstract Nation
2. Karl Sanders- Saurian Meditation
3. Cirith Gorgor- Onwards To The Spectral Defile
4. Necrophobic- Bloodhymns
5. Agent Steel- Order of The Illuminati
6. BEHEMOTH!!!!!
7. Cauldron Born- And Rome Shall Fall
8. Halford- Crucible
9. Dawn Of Dreams- Darklight Awakening
10. Sympathy- Arcane Path

Chris Galea [MetalKnight] (also known as the Dude From Malta)
1. Forsaken - "Anima Mundi"
2. Krokus - "Fire And Gasoline"
3. Vitalij Kuprij - "High Definition"
4. Ludovico Einaudi - "Le Onde"
5. Annihilator - "Criteria For A Black Widow"
6. Ayreon - "The Electric Castle"
7. Nocturnus - "Thresholds"
8. Badlands - "Voodoo Highway.

EC (also known as the Lord Of All Things Metal)
Three Inches Of Blood - "Advance And Vanquish"
Azrael's Bane - "Wings Of Innoncence"
Jorn - "Out To Every Nation"
U.D.O - "Thunderball"
Wolf's Moon - "Keep Metal Alive"

David Loveless (also known as the Scary Dude in Japan)
1. The Haunted - Revolver
2. Hecate Enthroned - Redimus
3. Isis - Panopticon
4. Marduk - Nightwing
5. The Project Hate - Hate, Dominate, Congregate, Eliminate
6. Fates Warning - FWX
7. Three Inches Of Blood - Advance And Vanquish

Ken (also known as the Lord Of New York Road Shows)
-Chris Caffery "Faces" - Really enjoying this piece.
- Iron Horse - "Bring It On" - Countrified Metal which I am surprisingly
pleased with. A mix of Bon Jovi meets Garth Brooks storytelling and some
solid rock groove.
- KISS - there is always something KISS in my stereo. Latest one has been
Alive II
- Type O Negative - "Life Is Killing Me" - I never listened to this enough
when it came out so am taking time to enjoy it more since the band is not
- Asia - "Anthologia" - The first three Asia albums and then some on a 2 CD
set, I love this piece and am replaying it over and over.

Frank Hill (also known as the Old Guy with the Ghetto Blaster)
In Flames - Soundtrack to Your Escape
Kix - Hot Wire
Def Leppard - High and Dry
Blind Guardian Live DVD
The Last Act - No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Kreator - Enemy Of God
Iron Maiden - Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
Millennium Party- Funk

Neekoy (also known as the Guy with the Vegimite Sandwich)

Can't stop listening to the new Lamb of God and I have been really getting
into Vulgar Display again

Sarah (also known as the Only Hair Metal Reviewer We Have)
Def Leppard...Super Vault 2disk set
Naked beggars...Naked beggars
Rod Stewart...great american song book vol. 3
The Darkness...Bsides and More
Big and Rich...Horse of a Different colour

Vinaya (also known as Vinny the Italian Super eviewer)
Diamond Head: Canterbury; The Friday Rock Show Sessions
Silver Mountain: Roses And Champagne
Jorn: Out To Every Nation
Silent Force: Worlds Apart
Altan: The Blue Idol
Jimi Hendrix: Blue Wild Angel (DVD)
Various Classical, blues and jazz fusion stuff
And MSG's BBC Radio One album is in the CD player right now.

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