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Topic: Scariest metal record ever

Published: Monday, October 31, 2005
"With spooks and haunts upon us, this month's One Question column is geared towards Halloween. Heavy metal music has always been themed to the darker side of life, with variations of the occult, fantasy, and folklore in ample abundance through metal's history. Which leads us to ask what is the scariest metal record ever? This is of course based on personal opinion, and what you, as an individual considers scary."

Erika - Vocalist for Ignitor (ignitor.org)
By far, the scariest record for me is Deicide's first album "Deicide." I got this album in 1990, and it has remained a mainstay for me ever since. Why? Because of its terrifying conviction, its passion, its extremity. I listen to it and feel consumed by the whirlwind of hate and blackness pouring out of every demonic riff and lyric. It is physically impossible to smile while listening to this album. All the goodness is scoured from my soul when that gate slams open at the beginning of "Lunatic of God's Creation." The world about me recedes and I become a dark minion: tattered, fanged, seeking to rend and tear the innocent. I cannot listen to this album in the car because it makes me homocidal. The wild-eyed change this album evokes even disturbs me at times! Thus, "Deicide" is my scariest album.

King Fowley - Vocalist For Deceased/October 31 (upthetombstones.com)
A scary record to me is "Supernatural Addiction" from Deceased. I love it even if I helped create it! Horror forever!

Martin Popoff - Author (martinpopoff.com)
Mercyful Fate - Melissa. Partially for the reason Sad Wings Of Destiny was so scary, but for so much more as well. To the first point, it's because the production and the playing were at such inhuman levels for a debut, much like Sad Wings (not debut, but unknown band). Mercyful Fate were a new band, Danes no less, writing and singing in very good English (in tongues?), writing frightfully modern metal that killed anything out of the NWOBHM. And then the "so much more" is of course the fact that the album was wildly Satanic, with creepy, shadow-shrouded pictures, King looking like hell, singing in a falsetto - who the heck ever did that?! Sure, the first two Venom albums were scary, but Mercyful... It was like those stories of Zeppelin selling their souls for talent. Heh heh, if Venom did in fact do that, well, they were ripped off.

Trey Gadler - Azrael's Bane (azraelbane.com)
For sheer scare the hell out of you creepiness, I've got to go with King Diamond-Abigail. It's a brilliant concept record, and the storyline is chills up and down your spine spooky.

Tony McBrayer - Low Earth Orbit (lowearthorbit.net)
I would have to say there were 3...: 1) 1973's-Sabbath, Bloody, Sabbath-something about that record just shook me to the core! To this day I can't explain it!! 2) Venom "Welcome to Hell"--need I say more? 3) 1983's release by Mercyful Fate "Melissa" That scared the Hell out of me (no pun intended). The first time I heard King Diamonds voice on "Evil" ...... Awesome!!! Still today it sounds just as fresh!! Happy Halloween to everyone!!!

Kevin Dubrow - Quiet Riot - (kevindubrow.com)
Black #1 by Typo O Negative.

Brian Keene - Horror Author - (briankeene.com)
"King Diamond's ABIGAIL!" Brian Keene, best-selling author of The Rising and City of the Dead

Steven E. Wedel - Horror Author - (stevenewedel.com)
Alice Cooper's "Welcome to My Nightmare"

Carlos - Of Infinity - (ofinfinity.com)
Scariest album - King Diamond - The Puppet Master
It's scary for me 'cause once I had a dream where I, myself was a puppet, and when I was put up for display, I fell on my face. After that the puppet master started chopping me up, and that's when I woke up

Tim Gutierrez - Project: Failing Flesh - (projectfailingflesh.com)
I guess I would say the song "Black Sabbath." The evil riff, ominous lyrics, and Ozzy's voice seal the deal. The first time you heard the first Sabbath record and that came on it was pretty spooky and it still has a scary vibe to it after all these years. Definitely a Halloween worthy tune.

John K - Biomechanical - (biomechanical.uk.co)
I couldn't say that I find any metal record scary. I think metal is about passion for harder edged music than an attempt to create scary music. So my answer will have to be none I'm afraid. The only music that did scare the crap out of me was from the soundtrack albums of the films Jaws (John Williams), The Omen (Jerry Goldsmith) and Pet Cemetery (Elliot Goldenthal). I think the scariest was The Omen. Especially when the choir kicks in and sings 'Ave Satani'on track 3 (Killer's Storm). Now that's some scary shit!

Emo Mowrey - Tiwanaku
The scariest metal record for me is not a metal record at all. It's Nirvana's - Nevermind. It was the one album that tore a HUGE hole in the whole metal scene back in 1991. Metal was king before that god damned album came out. That was the scariest album for me because it totally ruined the industry for some really good upcoming metal bands out there!!!

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