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Topic: Tribute to David Wayne of Metal Church

Published: Thursday, September 22, 2005
"David Wayne, known as the voice of Metal Church, passed away on May 10, 2005 due to complications from a motorcycle accident. Maximum Metal would like to honor the memory of David Wayne. Our newest installment of One Question is this: How do you remember the sensational, charismatic, and legendary vocalist David Wayne?"

Bob Mitchell (ATTACKER)
First off, thank you for allowing me this opportunity to express my feelings regarding the passing of this Metal giant. I want to pass on my sincerest condolences to the friends, Family and bandmates (current and former) of Mr David Wayne. It truly is a major loss for this world of ours we call Heavy Metal. I never knew him personally. I only knew him on a professional level and I was always impressed by him. He was a great frontman, an incredibly gifted singer.

My fondest, personal, memory was when Attacker shared the stage with Metal Church in our homestate of New Jersey back in 1985. Both our bands played a venue named the Showplace and it was in Dover as I recall. Anyhow, we were on right before them and we had a great night. I remember David watching us from the side the stage. After our set, he and Kurt (Vanderhoof guitarist) paid us a great compliment for our show. Well, needless to say, we stayed to watch them and they were just awesome. I remember him (David) pointing right at me when they did "Beyond The Black". The reason being is because I had told him that it was my favorite "church" song earlier that night. I am also proud of sharing with him the distinction of being part of the "Metal Massacre 5" album. The very record that helped launch my career with Attacker. It's a moment I will always be proud of.

Looking back now, I can say that our show together was destined to happen, and again, it was a great night of Metal.

I only met him once or twice after that throughout my career. Each time he saw me he always took the time say hi and wish me well.

The irony of this is that I never found David to be an influence of mine. I always felt, and at the time I met him he made me feel as though, I was, and still am, his contemporary. As a vocalist, I have often been compared to him. That right there is a great compliment to me because I am a true fan of his work so to be sited as an equal or to even be compared to him is indeed an honor that cannot, truly, be defined.
I will now honorably carry the banner that was dropped by him in our fight for Metal supremacy.
David, thanks for making me feel important all those years ago and thank you for the great music. It is, and always will be, one of the great legacies of Heavy Metal. That unbelievable band in the sky has recruited the services an incredible frontman. The METAL CHURCH that David helped to create can now claim its rightful place in the vast region known to all of us as the Heavens. God Bless you dear brother.
In Rock,

Martin Popoff (AUTHOR) - www.martinpopoff.com
I remember David as an enthusiastic, outspoken, interesting multi-dimensional guy - a "crafter" (his term, i.e. practicing witch), then later an avowed Chrstian, an intelligent guy - a reader, a conspiracy theory dude, a physiotherapist, a reformed drinker and drugger - a lover of life. He was also, of course, a belter of a vocalist who fronted the first two classic Metal Church albums, as well as creating a substantial metal footnote with his tough-as-nails Reverend act. He seemed to have done it all, walked through fire and emerged with his sense of humour and optimism intact - a bit of Joe Lynn Turner to his tale, only on the main, thuggier, darker, more dangerous.

David Wayne is the voice of Metal Church and this is yet another true loss to the "REAL" metal community. David Wayne..............I salute you bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! RIP.

King Fowley (DECEASED/OCT 31) www.upthetombstones.com
david wayne had his own style of vocals! he was powerful yet raw and aggressive!~ he will be missed!

Jon K (BIOMECHANICAL) www.biomechanical.co.uk
It very sad when I hear news like these. Metal is a massive community and I think we all feel the same sorrow for David Wayne, it doesn't matter whether or not you are on stage or off stage. In the end of the day Metal is our way of life and when a band member dies it feels like a friend has passed away. David R.I.P

David Wayne's passing is a huge loss for the metal community. The Metal Church album "The Dark" was so far ahead of it's time when released and the sound he gave the band was both unique and a major influence on me. It's only after hearing the news of his death, that I have discovered what an impact he had on others also in the wolrd of metal over the last 20 years - Hail in memory!

Tony McBrayer (LOW EARTH ORBIT) www.lowearthorbit.net
Well , for me I remember riding in a piece of crap "Mustang" on a 12 hour trip from Bluefield,WV to Budd Lake, NJ .... me a couple friends were going to give the "Big Apple" a try......We listened to 1986's "The Dark" for about 8 hours before the cassette player ate the damn thing.....(laughs)!! We must have sang every song on the cassette for the next 4 hours! To be honest I hadn't heard of them before that day in July 1987....I was seventeen......They set the tone for the next 3 years of my life that day and I didn't even realize it at the time. It seemed in those days nothing else mattered except playing guitar / writing songs drinking beer and taking in as much of the "Metal" scene as humanly possible. Yeah, they had that sound David, Kurdt, Kirk and Duke......Great times great music.....May the ride be never ending DAVID!!!Stay Strong!!

Brian Keene (AUTHOR) www.briankeene.com
"His voice hit me like a ton of bricks."

Wade Black (TIWANAKU)
One of the best voices in metal !! Mr. Wayne will always be at the top of all of our list! I am sorry to hear this tragic news. RIP

Jim Springer (SPELLBINDER)
He was a Metal KING...powerful vocals and that haunting scream. One of the great ones...he will be greatly missed...

Andy (WITCHBURNER) www.witchburner.de
I was totally shocked and directly listened to the first two albums which will make David unforgettable for me! R.I.P

Johnny Lokke - johnnylokke.com
I remember in one of my first bands I was in, the drummer came to practice and said he wanted to play a song by a band called Metal Church. I laughed at the name, and for some reason assumed it was a joke. He walks over to the tape player and turns on "Gods of Wrath" and I was completely stunned. Not only was the music awesome, I had never heard anything like David Wayne’s voice before. It was like hearing Halford or Dickinson for the first time…just completely original and captivating. Needless to say, I made him play the whole tape before I would start practice, and went out and bought my own copy the next day. "Metal Church" and "The Dark" are still in regular rotation in my cd player to this day. You are missed David. Rest in peace and God bless.

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