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Topic: What do you want to see in Heavy Metal for 2005?

Published: Friday, July 22, 2005
"What do you want to see in Heavy Metal for 2005?
Be as positive or negative and as specific or general as you like"

"I would like to see it continue to grow again and get to the younger kids. The older metal bands out there have trouble doing that, but there is a lot of us younger to middle aged metal musicians that can forge ahead and bring em in. Then they can go and get the old timers, because they all can rock."
--Tim 'Ripper' Owens, ICED EARTH (www.TimRipperOwens.com)

"I'd like to see metal with some great old school style singing like Glenn Hughes, Paul Rodgers,and Steve Marriott. The singing in most bands today sounds like a dog growling with a towel in their mouth."
--Kevin Dubrow, QUIET RIOT (www.kevindubrow.com)

I want to see more diversification in Metal. There have been some great additions to the genre as a whole in the last few years, and I think it has made some fans and members of the press way too eager to pigeonhole bands and to keep creating new sub-genres. Who cares if a band is "power Metal" or "melodic death metal" or "black Metal with overtones of classic Metal"? I think the healthiest thing that can happen to Metal in the next year will be to embrace our diversity, rather than labor over the increasingly splintered factions we constantly create. We also need to start partying harder. I think hip hop is starting to seriously gain on us in terms of harcore hedonism. More girls and boys need to be fucked proper in the name of Metal. And remember, perky breasts were made to snort lines off of.
--DJ Blood Sacrifice, GODS OF FIRE (www.gods-of-fire.com)

I hope 2005 will give us more Tour experience, more money :-), and lots of great fun! Is seems to me that the great melodic elements is coming back into metal. Let´s hope it continues to grow. Personally I am hoping and looking forward to having fun at the summer festivals with all our friends and the tours we´ve got lined up so far. And finally I´m glad that Roland found his Tower and that Mr. King is finally free.
--Mikkel Sandager, Mercenary (www.mercenary.dk)

To be honest with you....... I want to see real "stars" emerge to the forefront of music! Like the larger than life figures when we were growing up! With all that has happened over the past couple of years , I believe the world is ready for a real "Metal God" to step up to the plate and set it all straight! Don't get me wrong there are some great bands out there. It's time we "take" back what is ours and always was.....even when the little metal wannabe's and the Jessica Simpson/Britney clones are finally finished (that time is now) maybe the real artists in the world might get some light shined on them for a change. You know the folks who don't eat for 2 days to buy guitar strings for the next show kinda folks !! I'm not saying I'm in it for the money,because if I was I would be a stock broker or C.Moore Butts(no pun intended) listen....Music for the sake of the music! Playing 10 hours a day not just shredding but Crafting a piece of music that moves you as well as others. Not just saying something because it might get you signed or changing what you love in mid stream to "fit"in!!! Write and play and sing about things that you believe or have lived ....even if only one person hears it and it helps them get thru their day it was all worth every penny to get to do this thing called "Metal" !!!
--Tony McBrayer, LOW EARTH ORBIT (LowEarthOrbit.Net)

"I want to see some band do something that has never been done before. To combine two or more music styles into one unique thing that will give them loads of attention and many copycats, naturally. Though I have not been following the scene as much as I maybe should, I think some new spice would not harm. Also I hope to have less metal genres. Metal itself is a genre, and I understand black metal and such within this genre. But for god’s sake, do we need a “fucking the neighbours dog while eating bigmac-meal with extra mayo-metal”-genre??? Cause surely someone will come up with that soon. Best regards from Kemi to ya all!"
--Tony Kakko, SONATA ARCTICA (www.sonataarctica.info)

"I want to see more American bands on tour here in Europe and more European bands on tour in America. And lets hope for less "Euro-Disney metal" in 2005."
--Krunt, TAD MOROSE (www.tadmorose.com)

"I want Christina Agulera and Britney Spears to realize that they are not rivals, but after supressing their inner feelings are indeed much in love with each other. So in love, that they decided to start a new Metal band focusing on lesbian lovemaking while listening to the pounding kick of Dave Lombardo's feet. Even though this fantasy is really ridiculous, this band will still be more Metal and way heavier than that bull shit SUM 41, pseudo Metal posers that TV likes to shove down everyone's throat."

"What I'd like to see is for more underground bands getting some well deserved attention and for more radio stations playing heavy music so the scene in the US would thrive a little more...also would like to see more people getting out of their houses and going to live shows.....music video's are fine, but this kind of music needs to seen and heard in a live setting. I know this next one would be a miracle, but if the music business in general would stop their disposable, conveyor belt marketing mentality, alot of really cool bands might have some longevity....but it all remains to be seen...."
--Louie Gasparro, SUPERVILLAIN (http://www.musicrealms.com/supervillain/)

"I hope to see a fresh development in the scene, more extreme stuff and less sweat metal..! I hope to see Exmortem tour Europe and the US this year!"
--Sigtyr, EXMORTEM (www.exmortem.com)

"Keep it HEAVY ! Push the boundiries recreate yourself everytime . And stay original .Be yourself that is what will get attention!! stay METAL"
--Wade Black, TIWANAKU & Leash Law (www.leash-law.com)

"Motorhead to win a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. A true Guns N Roses reuinion and a tour that doesn't get cancelled. Faith No More to get back together. Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime II kicks off an 80's/90's metal comeback revolution."
--Brian Keene, AUTHOR of The Rising, Terminal, and City of the Dead (www.briankeene.com)

"I want to see Rob Halford and Judas Priest destroy all, with the release of Angel Of Retribution!"
--Marc Sasso, GRAPHIC ARTIST - (www.marcsasso.com)

"I'd like to see Zakk continue to build momentum, Phil not to quit, Rainbow to reform with Joe... so... Sabbath can reform with Ronnie, I'd like two or three of the NWOUSHM bands to bust gold records, I'd like Pasi to reconsider quitting Amorphis and Scott to reconsider quitting The Dictators, and most of all, I'd like a new AC/DC album."
--Martin Popoff, WRITER - (www.martinpopoff.com)

"I'd like to see more bands take time and write and record better albums. Less filler and more killer! LPs nowadays have maybe 3 good songs on em. You get bored."
--King Fowley, OCTOBER 31 & DECEASED (www.upthetombstones.com)

"I want to see guitar solos come back, singers come back, originality come back and bands that last longer than one cd come back! Where are all today's Maidens, Priests, Thin Lizzys, Dios, KISSs and Sabbaths at? I know they are out there...so it's time for them to rise up! UP THE HAMMERS!!!!!"
--Johnny Lokke, THE NEW BREED & JOHNNY LOKKE (www.johnnylokke.com)

"Simply for there to be good solid number of metal albums to listen to... thankfully every year it happens. Also for all the awful thrashcore/emo/whatevercore kind of crap that seems to be flooding the scene to subside a bit. That stuff is basically sounding like an extension of Nu Metal. An Emperor reunion would be a bonus as well!!"
--Tim Gutierrez, PROJECT: FAILING FLESH (www.projectfallingflesh.com)

"Rob Halford fronting Judas Priest. My ears bleed in eager anticipation. Now if I could just get Priest, Iron Maiden and Kiss to play a show together within driving distance of Oklahoma City ..."
--Steven E. Wedel, AUTHOR of "Shara" and "Murdered by Human Wolves" (www.stevenewedel.com)

There are many great underground/ obscure bands out there who display a lot of talent/ technical ability. For that, I am thankful. However, as far as the useless radio mainstream goes, that is another story... For 2005, I'd like to see the sound of metal move toward the more technical, skilled end, ie. old school bands like Maiden, Fates, Queensryche, etc. Everything today is tuned way down to "A" with the same old growling all over it. The mainstream of metal needs much more structure, musically speaking, and much more intelligent lyrics and skilled vocal ability. I get tired listening to non-trained singers with little to say. Also, most importantly, I'd be extremely pleased if all of the rap-metal hybrids would cease to exist. Realistically though, I know none of this will happen. I do believe we could possibly see, at best, a hint more vocal ability and well-thought structure bleed into the mainstream. I feel that people are sick of hearing no-talent/ no-structure BS so hopefully that crap will fade away... wishful thinking!
--Gordon Tittsworth, IMAGES OF EDEN (www.imagesofeden.com)

I want Underground Metal Bands to get airplay on the radio. Metal fans want Metal music on the air and radio stations everywhere are ignoring the Metal scene. This is extremely narrow-minded corporate thinking. Some radio stations will offer a small segment late at night only for an hour or two. Radio stations should feature Metal where it belongs…. in the every day prime time play list. Metal would become popular to the extreme side where music videos would feature Metal Bands like the days of the Headbangers Ball. Together these events would energize the forces of Metal!
--Greg Verthein, RAVENTHORNE (www.raventhorne.com)

"For 2005 I would like to see support within the Metal music community, if you like a band or an album don't just download it, go out and buy it, see the band when they come near you, tell a friend, send out emails to other Metal-heads, buy a t-shirt and wear it proud. I also wish artists and former band members would quit talking shit in the press or public, if nothing else we should take that away from Dimebag's unthinkable incident. I wish fans would quit fighting in the Metal community about who sucks.. There are great Metal bands from Black Metal, Death Metal, Classic Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal and Grindcore. Open your ears and minds, it is OK in 2005 to like bands in different areas of Metal or music for that matter. Instead of cutting down Metal bands and saying they suck, build up the ones you like. I don't remember the hundreds of bands that were not all that good or who people said sucked, but I sure do remember the ones that were great and the person who told me about them. If you spread the word about a great band, people will always be looking to you to show them the hot new band or long lost treasure. That is what made Heavy Metal and its fans great. That is power."
--Mark Gast, SALEM'S WYCH (www.salemswych.com)

"Well the obvious answer for me would be for the metal industry to grow!! It seems last year metal took a beating and many many bands suffered for it!! I would like to see some bands try to do some more experimenting with their songwriting and not just do the same old shit and for the labels to recognize that being different is a good thing! Don't be so god damned scared of music that is different just because it isn't what everyone else is doing!! It's the bands that are different and are great at being different that stand out in the end. Look at the history of the metal greats and what they were perceived as when they first came out! You know who they are!! I have struggled for many years to find something new to listen to. Every once in a while a new band or album will come out that really steps up to the metal plate. But for the most part a lot of bands are just playing like everyone else. Don't get me wrong!! I am not saying "everyone" but I am saying a lot!! Where's the fucking creativity?!?!?!??! I know for a fact that I am not alone on this!! So hopefully things will turn around for metal this year and the bands that really stand out and try to be different will be heard!! In the end isn't that what metal is about? Going against the grain? I love that about metal!!"
--Emo Mowrey, LEASH LAW & TIWANAKU (www.leashlaw.com)

"This is probably the most talked about subject within the metal genre, industry, bands and fans alike. In talking with many of my business counterparts and band members whom I represent, we have pretty much all had the same train of thought that classic metal will definitely come back in a major way in 2005 with JUDAS PRIEST's new cd ANGEL OR RETRIBUTION leading the inital salvo. This is to be followed up by the rumoured ultra classic OZZFEST 2005 that is said to include BLACK SABBATH, IRON MAIDEN and ANTHRAX. Now I hear that MEGADETH is also going on board. I would love to see OZZFEST 2005 also feature STRATOVARIUS, NIGHTWISH, MAGO DE OZ, DREAM THEATER, MANOWAR. RHAPSODY and CAGE among many others powerful and mesmerizing metal bands. Even though NU METAL bands gave a solid and concerted push to break into the mainstream (which they did) due to their support from MTV and URANIUM, their time is basically up and the movement is pretty much done.

The time is right for HEADBANGER'S BALL, URANIUM and SLAVE TO THE METAL to push very fucking hard in re-programming the American metal tv viewing audience into supporting and experiencing new bands that give true rock concert performances and feature the long lost guitar solo. My kudos go out to Sharon Osbourne for continuing to lead the pack after 10 years of ground breaking metal mania via the OZZFEST, CENTURY MEDIA / NUCLEAR BLAST USA (for signing FIREWIND and supporting SONATA ARCTICA), ROADRUNNER RECORDS (for signing NIGHTWISH), PROG-POWER USA (for bringing those long sought after Euro-Metal bands to perform in the USA for the 1st time) and to RHAPSODY for putting out the majestic and out of this world SYMPHONY OF ENCHANTED LANDS Pt. II cd."
--Benjamin Niebla II, DESERT ROCK PROMOTIONS (www.desertrockpromotions.tk)

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