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Windseeker - By the Seed of the Same God

By: Frank Hill
Published: Sunday, August 3, 2003
Windseeker - By the Seed of the Same God

1. Wrapped In Plastic
2. I'm The Cybored
3. Deconstructure
4. Suffering

Mauro Gelsomini (vocals)
Alessandro Di Clemente (guitars, vocals)
Simone Lanna (guitars)
Alessandro Angelo (bass)
Claudio Testini (drums)

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Starting out as a classic power metal band, the Italian-based Windseeker went through line-up change after line-up change until they finally became what they are today, a power-thrash band with the sound of a young Iced Earth. Other than the low-quality mix, it's a surprisingly good demo. In fact it's one of the better ones I've heard this year.

The drums and rhythm are quick-paced with a familier Maiden-esqe gallop. Mauro Gelsomini's vocals are mid-range and sound good. The lead guitar riffs are usually slower than the backing rhythms which gives you a chance mentally to relax and get into the songs on a listenable level. Slower moments remind be of Maiden's "Remember Tomorrow"

All these guys need is a good producer.

WindSeeker were born on November 1998, after Daylight split up, whose two members were Alessandro Di Clemente (guitar) and Luca Magarņ (bass). Luca got in touch with a drummer, and proposed him to play classic power metal. Alessandro set himself as a guitarist. The drummer refused, for he was busy with other tasks. By then Alessandro, excited at the idea, started to search for the other members. In the meantime he started to write with Luca a science-fiction concept.

After having found the vocalist and the drummer, respectively Mauro Gelsomini and Milko Morelli, they were finally able to enter in studio to play together on 17 February 1999. WindSeeker needed another guitar player, and they found him in Marco Berlenghini, who joined them in early summer 2000. Keyboard player, Shawn Landersz, joined WindSeeker too, but he stayed just for a few weeks, due to his personal problems. In the same period Luca left WindSeeker and was replaced with Alessandro Angelo.

The band grew with this formation and performed many live shows, with a satisfactory reply by spectators, but musical disagreements were stronger and stronger, so much that they induced Mauro Gelsomini and Alessandro Di Clemente to find a radical solution. Milko left the band and Andrea Pro, from Sudden Death (a roman brutal band), joined WindSeeker as the new drummer. Finally Simone "El Capitan" Fracassa, actual WindSeeker drummer and old friend, joined them in March 2001.

With this line-up WindSeeker played live in some festival, such as the PostMortem Festival and Metal Open Air Festival in Rome.

Unfortunately line-up's problems were not going to end: Marco Berlenghini, for some personal problems, decided to leave the band in October 2001.
WindSeeker continued their work, rearranging their songs in order to be played just by one guitar and oriented their music towards a new power-thrash sound. However they started a long and difficult search for another guitarist. After many unhappy attempts finally Simone Lanna joined the band in February 2002.

WindSeeker worked to be ready for their first demo, recorded at Temple Of Noise Studios in Rome, and to perform on some live shows. In June 2003 Simone Fracassa left the band due to technical problems. The new drummer, Claudio Testini, started to rehersal for the second demo, "By The Seed Of The Same God", registered in July at 16th Cellar Studio by Stefano Morabito.

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