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Inner Rage of Emotion - Demo (2003)

By: Frank Hill
Published: Saturday, July 5, 2003
Inner Rage of Emotion - Self Titled 2003 Demo

1. Slave Till Death
2. This Time
3. First Degree

The Band
Guitar - Alex Chaidez
Vox - Mike Thumall
Drums - Dan Bartiewicz
Bass - Chris Bidwell

Band Website

Man, there's some irritated metalheads out in the Windy City of Illinois. Inner Rage of Emotion is probably the 3rd band I've heard recently that sounds like they're out to settle a score.

On the 3-song promo we received, IRE plays old-school metal that is a bit more centered on the guitar riffs than on any of the drum leads to be called thrash, but it's close.

"Slave Till Death" is similar musically to some Suicidal Tendencies stuff, but there's no hip hop vocal delivery. Mike Thumall has a deep snarl throughout all the songs with some kind of vocal effect that I haven't quite been able to figure out. I want to say he's just cupping his hands around the mic head and there's times when it sounds like he has a slight lisp or he's half swallowing the mic. What's going on there, dude? Don't get me wrong, it doesn't hurt anything and you don't notice it much except for the chorus of "This Time". Just curious, guys...don't hurt me. My favorite song would probably be the last track, "First Degree".

Lyrically, you get this kind of pissed off stuff from these guys:

    Fuck you

There ya go! Leave me the fuck alone, mother fucker!

IRE isn't quite thrash and it's too good for Hardcore. It's just good bust you in the face metal. I set this promo in my CD stack and it tried to throw a punch at the new Maiden disc!

Bring on a full CD, fellas!

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