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Supervillain - Demo (2003)

By: Eric Compton
Published: Friday, June 27, 2003
Supervillain - 2003 Demo

1. Wartorn
2. One Hundred Lives
3. Paradise Lust
4. Lyin Eyes
5. Aggrophobic

The Band
Guitars - Tim Grove
Guitars - Mike Mirabella
Vox - Morgan Adams
Drums - Louie Gasparro
Bass - Jay Nicholas

Band Website

Supervillain are a doomy hard rock band from New York made up of members from Blitzspeer, Murphy's Law, Funkface, Krackdown, and Lords Of Bklyn. They have self-produced and self-financed this brand new EP, featuring five solid tracks of grinding hard rock action.

I really dig stoner rock's down-tuned heaviness, and I've always been a huge fan of glam and hard rock. Supervillain have managed to combine these elements into a frolic, innovative rip tide of rock and roll fun.

Opening track "Wartorn" kicks things off with a heavy dose of doom and blues, like Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave with a singer that fits the Chris Cornell style. The guitars are really all over the place and really stand out considering the budget. "One Hundred Lives" follows, spinning a track of 70s hard rock that reminds me of prime time KISS with back to back leads and the impressive vocals of Morgan Adams, who sounds like a rabid Paul Stanley on this cut.

Next we have "Paradise Lust", a song that rips forth with some thundering chops in grand Cathedral fashion. This is probably one of the heavier tracks, with plenty of down-tuned leads and a bone crushing pace that suits Adams vocal rampage. "Lying Eyes" continues with more solid doom grindage, with some double bass added for more anger effect. A little bit of straight blues riffs can be found here, giving the record a bit of diversity.

Closer "Aggrophobic" reminds me of Soundgarden meets Zeppelin, with some pretty lethal bass lines and a Bonham styled skin bashing.

I'm really looking for big things out of Supervillain. In my opinion I think this type of sound could really catch on. With great offerings from Dirty Power, Cathedral, and Queens Of The Stone Age, doomy blues could be the next metal trend.

Supervillain will fit right in.

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