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Agony Divine - Tommorrow Never Comes Demo

By: Josh Greer
Published: Sunday, June 15, 2003
Agony Divine - 2003 Demo

1. Expansion
2. Manipulation
3. No Forgiveness

The Band
Guitars - Greg Maupin
Vox - David Dowler
Drums - Jason Neal
Bass - Wes Brogden

Band Website

"HEAVY!" That was my first impression after first spinning "Tomorrow Never Comes".

It was only after repeated listens that I came to fully appreciate this demo. Coming in at only a little under 10 minutes, Agony Divine show no remorse delivering kick-ass, catchy, to-the-point dark Heavy Metal. If you're looking for a worthy death/thrash band, then look no further than Agony Divine who reminds me of an amalgam of Exodus/Possessed/Dark Angel/early Sepultura kicked in the face with an angry dose of groove-induced hardcore.

Screaming vocals accompanying lower death grunts, solid bass playing filling when necessary, catchy guitar rhythms and riffs and loaded with plenty of cymbal crashes to fulfill the listener until the full-length Agony Divine release. My only "complaint" would be that there are little to no guitar solos, but when I sit back and think about it, there really is no need.

From the accelerated fury of "Expansion", to the eerie intro to "Manipulation" into the bone crunching chorus, closing out with the more straight-forward "No Forgiveness", Agony Divine is Heavy Metal played none other than the reason for the love of the genre. "Tomorrow Never Dies" shows much promise from this "new" band of North Carolinians.

Anyone into good, honest, thrash/death-core, contact Agony Divine for a pro-recorded demo at: agony_divine@hotmail.com

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