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Distortion Of Perception - Project One: I.S.O Birth?

By: Anthony Burke
Published: Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Distortion Of Perception - Project One: I.S.O Birth? - 2005 - Self Released

Track Listing
1. Super Zeroe
2. Between Me And Myself
3. No Slow Motion
4. Abused Enhanced

I consider myself to be a fan of vintage In Flames; Via the band name, my first impression was just another hardcore band. But after deciding to give their sound a shot, I soon found a sound similar to vintage In Flames, crossed with an equal amount of Arch Enemy.
Born in Greece in 2003 by five college kids that attend college in Xanthi, add an obvious passion for music mixed with raw talent, throw it in the oven at 450 degrees, cook it for 20 minutes, and out comes Distortion Of Perception. The band showcases Giannikis “Bilias” Dimitris behind the mic, Tzimopoulos Vasilis and Kosmidis Nikos shredding on guitar, Kritikidis Nikos laying down a very powerful bass, and Hatzinikilakis Dimitris completing the sound on drums.
Speaking of sound, let’s take this album blow by blow. The album starts off with a heavy hitter, “Super Zeroe” that singles out every instrument and showcases each musician (this track does include vocals, but not strong ones for very obvious reasons), and their talents, which is a very fitting and strong opener. Next up is what I see as the absolute strongest of this four track release, "Between Me And Myself". Everything about this song just screams for attention. Add the bone chilling vocals of Giannikis “Bilias” Dimitris and this becomes a recipe for a golden sound. I referred to an Arch Enemy sound earlier, well this follows in their footsteps by including some driving solos and tempo changes, which they have perfected. Now, can they keep up this energy or is this their best? Never fear boys and girls, while “Between Me And Myself” is the strongest track, the headbanging energy is not lost. Followed by “No Slow Motion” which is more of the classic In Flames sound that we have all grown to love, this is yet another reason that this is one band that will not be ignored. Closing out this demo is “Abused Enhanced”, which is reminiscent of Nevermore (just which version?), but one does not have time to ponder such trivial matters. Nevermore is not being played, Distortion Of Perception is.
If “Project One” is just a taste of what is yet to come, then I say, bring on the main course. This is one band that I truly can not wait to hear another release from, as we have stumbled upon a musical masterpiece, which is deserving of remaining in my playlist during the near future.

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