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Python - Demons Within

By: Eric Compton
Published: Sunday, December 5, 2004
Python - Demons Within

1. Anarchy
2. Vengeance
3. Lost Thoughts

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A few days ago I reviewed the 2004 release from Python entitled "Good & Evil". The record was a fine example of classic thrash done right, really appealing to fans of early Metallica, Testament, Exodus, and Flotsam & Jetsam. Now these New Yorkers have a new demo finished, this time improving upon a tight and precise sound with a more solid approach at melody and leads. The band have added in lead guitarist Geoff Allen, helping to expand the Python sound and add in a bit more depth and dynamics. For those of unaware of the Python story, let me give you the brief intro.

A Sullivan County based band formed in 2001 by brothers Joe and Kurt. The band consists of four musicians, who collectively have ten years of experience. The first two years were spent developing material and perfecting their sound. By 2003 they were ready to hire bass player, Ken Decker, who brought his talent for bass playing into the mix. And by 2004 they began debuting their new material in various venues across New York State. In March of 2005, lead guitarist, Geoff Allen, was added to the bands line up.

Joe composes all of the bands material, which has a very original slant on the classic thrash metal style. Their music gives new life to the thrash metal of the 80s and 90s, with powerful vocals, killer harmonics, and chest pounding double bass. The band is aspiring to bring a renewed face to the metal scene. They believe that there is still a place out there for the old school metal, and the steady growth of their fan base shows that there are people out there that would agree. People between the ages of 10 - 50 are taking notice of them and their music.

Their debut album Good and Evil, was recorded by Kol Marshall, Music Producer, Recording Engineer. Kol has recorded such band as King Diamond, Ministry, and Mercyful Fate. After finishing up their five days in the studio Kol said, " They are certainly one of the regions finest up and coming metal acts and will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with." Dean Sternberg of Pure Sweet Hell, and formerly of Into Eternity said, " You guys are killer!" after he was given a demo from a friend that attended on of their shows. Most recently their music has been compared to that of Iced Earth and Testament, in a review that was done by Nikos Parastatidis of Behind the Veil e-zine.

Comparing this new demo to the previous material found on "Good & Evil" is really like night and day. Of course the band keep their original sound, capturing all of the aggressive heaviness of the previous release here, but at the same time the group go one step further, really expanding and improving their sound with a more mature approach at song structures and lead playing. I think production wise this one sounds a bit thicker, with Kurt's drum sound really like cannon-fire here. You can easily here the added dimension here, with second guitarist Allen really stepping up in a big way. On opener "Anarchy" you can basically hear more of that thrash "wall of sound", previously non-existent on the previous release. The group achieve more stomp riff structures here but they don't rely on simple groove riffs for energy, instead keeping a break-neck pace throughout and focusing their power on more of a modern sound (perhaps modern Kreator or Slayer?). "Vengeance" picks up that Iced Earth vibe, with a slower start and some fine "singing" from Joe, reminding me of the atmospheric vibe that former Iced Earth vocalist Matthew Barlow brought to the forefront. The track explodes about two minutes in, picking up pace and punishment in a furious display of power. This one has a ripping lead mid-ways through, something that was a bit lackluster on the previous effort. "Lost Thoughts" starts out quickly before slipping into more of a groove oriented feel. The band still showoff some technical skills here, mixing up the timing and taking different paths musically throughout the track.

Overall I think this is a necessary step in the band's evolution. Really the group have improved from their last record and made this a smooth transition. It is always something of a "catch 22" when a new member joins, but this time around it worked out for the absolute best. It is clear that all four band members have the same drive and work ethic, they all understand how important good songs are, and they have created them here. This is only three tracks and certainly not something to judge a band's future on, but at the same time I can't help but be overwhelmed and excited for these guys. I think at this point the sky is the limit and I wish each of them the best of luck!

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