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Potential Threat - Potential Threat

By: Eric Compton
Published: Friday, November 5, 2004
Potential Threat SF

1. Day Of Infamy
2. Enemy Within
3. Walk Through Fire
4. All For Nothing

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I'm so excited to see this band back in action. I haven't heard a thing from them since their 2002 five track demo, a quality effort that showcased a San Francisco band built on the 80s thrash philosophy. With "2.0" the band have slimmed down to a three piece, with Mike Noble on guitar and vocals, Kenny Noble on drums, and Mike Padden on bass. This newest offering shows the band completely on top of their game, with some more frenzied guitar riffage, ample amounts of good, clean sound, and a reckless abandonment for anything trendy or commercial. No, Potential Threat SF are about their roots, the bay area sound made famous by Titans long ago. Carrying on in fine metal tradition, with the attitude and motivation to go beyond the New Wave Of American Heavy Metal sound, back to the power and glory of raw, rugged, thrash.

It is really hard to judge a band on four tracks, but "2.0" is exactly that. No complaints here however, considering the amount of quality captured on this small amount of space. Really in all honesty this band have stayed on track, keeping the same strides closely resembling their steps on the '02 demo. I hear a better production job this time around, with this recording taking place at Hyde Street Studios in San Fran and polished off by Guy Higbey. The band seem to be planting some heavier sounds, but they never get too serious with the anger and hostility. While so many acts seem to just mire themselves in a hole of self pity, this group can keep the aggression the focal point but at the same time learn to have fun with it. This is what made those great thrashers from the 80s famous, the Metallicas and Testaments of the world who shook foundations but never lost track of the entertainment aspect of it all.

With "2.0" the group continue to thrash and dash just about all over the place. Mike Noble's amazing guitar strengths are obviously on full display here, at times mastering the huge stomp riff and other times gaining speed like an early Metallica or Overkill. His voice is a wonder as well, capitalizing on the James Hetfield vocals but for the most part keeping an originality to it all. Favorite cut for me is the storming opener "Day Of Infamy", and I can only imagine what a live show must be like with this much thunder and lightning on display.

Century Media, Nuclear Blast, Metal Blade, Roadrunner, and Candlelight, please take note, this band is really setting a new standard for aggressive metal. Looking past the current sea of followers, Potential Threat SF is a band that can lead us into a new dimension by simply teaching us the ways of the past.

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