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Operatika - Dreamworld

By: Ken Pierce
Published: Wednesday, October 20, 2004
New Jersey based Operatika has finally completed work on their demo CD entitled “Dreamworld”.

The 4 track piece is actually only 3 full songs, but you can definitely get the feel for the type of music Operatika brings to the table. Fronting the group is Slava Popova who is blessed not only by her beauty but her incredible voice as well. There were a couple of factors that I enjoyed about this demo right off the bat. The first would be the amount of production that they placed in it as it seems as though many bands are making sure that their work is represented as best as possible before presenting it to a record label or fan base. As one listens to this piece, you think yourself finding a sampler of a major release.

On guitar is Bill Visser, who for the CD recorded all guitar and bass tracks. Bill is a furious technical guitar player whose abilities are nicely contrasted by the keyboard work of Anna Dok. Drummer Yuri steadily pounds his drum kit with a decent amount of ferocity and he is especially impressive on the track “Gladiator”. The level of play in this track can be compared to that of an Angra or Dragonforce track. Listening to these three numbers made me wish the CD was a little longer. I have seen this bands shirts and they also do a nice job in providing fans with a stylish design. Going the extra mile early in the game is always a good thing.

My only criticism of the Demo besides its short length is the fact that perhaps not every track should be consistent aria level of vocals. While Slava is great at this, it could work against them when being compared to those others who are succeeding in this genre. Showing a softer side on occasion will show that not only does the power exist but also the skill to adapt the music a little more. The time is definitely ripe for this band to move up in the ranks of their peers on the local scene and join forces with those Europeans who have already tasted this acclaim. Progressive Metal aficionados as well as fans of Nightwish or Within Temptation will most certainly find something in Operatika that they enjoy.

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