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Chaoswave - Demo

By: Ken Pierce
Published: Thursday, September 16, 2004
Chaoswave Demo

1. Swept Away (mp3)
2. From the Stare to the Storm
3. Mirror
4. Hate Create

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Chaoswave Demo

Coming to you straight out of Italy is a kick-ass band called Chaoswave. This group delivers some solid metal to you in the styles of Nevermore and Lacuna Coil. There is a high amount of technical expertise showcased on the production and they made sure that this demo sounds as good as a label release would. While I use Lacuna Coil in reference, the similarity ends with the fact that there are two people singing lead, and one is male while the other female. Giorgia Fadda and Fabio Carta use their styles vocally to stray from the Gothic and lean more towards that of power metal.

Chaoswave was born in the summer 2003 thanks to the initiative of Danish guitar player Henrik ‘Guf’ Rangstrup (also guitarist of Sinphonia), who a year before had moved to Italy for personal reasons. His aim was to combine aggressive and powerful riffing with a more melodic structure, in the vein of bands such as Nevermore and Control Denied.

Henrik on guitars, Marco on bass and Raphael on the drums are equally kick ass and do their very best to make sure this demo is a fine sampler of what you would experience in a live situation. Given the fact that Chaoswave has origins or home base in Italy (and are not signed yet) I am unclear as to playing in the States or other parts of Europe. However, if you are inclined to support up and comers this is one that you will like a lot. It is a driving piece that as you listen to you want more tunes. This is not an easy feat to accomplish so I look forward to an eventual and hopeful signing or better yet a full length independent issue from them. Either one will work.

The four-track demo simply entitled “Chaoswave” is the first release of the band.

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