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Killjoy - Back to the Past

By: Eric Compton
Published: Sunday, July 18, 2004
Killjoy "Back To The Past"

1. Back To The Past
2. Sinner
3. Milion Chivil
4. God's Commando
5. Puppet Show

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Killjoy "Back To The Past" Demo

Sometimes you just run across those bands that don't really fit into any one particular style. I have no idea what you call this and I wouldn't even want to speculate where and how they fit into any sort of niche or genre. Let's just say Killjoy is Killjoy. Plain and simple. The band seems to have a nice thrash background, with it's members at one time playing in Mystic Side. In 1998 the members decided to "sober up" and form Killjoy, a heavy band that combines rock and thrash into a strange vehicle that will please fans ranging from Megadeth to Sentenced perhaps. In 2003 the band recorded "Back To The Past", their very first recording. Unfortunately the recording was broken due to technical problems and a year later the group finally returned to the past to re-record the record.

Now the demo EP is upon us. What is it like? I have no clue. We'll let you be the judge of that. For me, it is certainly an entertaining piece that is both energetic and a bit thought provoking. With tracks like "Sinner" and "Back To The Past" you can hear influences like Metallica and Flotsam & Jetsam, with a bit of German thrash overtones mixed in. Vocalist Wojtek Bujoczek is a bit on the harsh side, reminding me of Zak Stevens of Savatage fame crossed with a thrash singer. Like I said, this stuff is strange and unique. As a whole the band runs through these numbers pretty quickly, adding in some sturdy bass lines and a patient drummer in Marcin Bruner who mixes in some really abstract drum patterns backed by some strong double bass work.

After a slow build "Million Chivil" (?) hits some heavy strides, sort of like a mid-tempo Aria or perhaps even Arrest. Huge leads plug away through the middle, led by Marek Ludwicki and Adam Rogowicz who combine on some great melody. "God's Commando" is probably my favorite of the group, really hitting some Megadeth styled riffs at the beginning before slowing down into a slow brooding piece with heavy crunchy strings in the chorus parts. Ending track "Puppet Show" ends the release in much the same way as "God's Commando", a strong bass line and Dave Mustaine styled riffing. Overall this is a really good start to what could become a really good modern thrash band.

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