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Of Infinity - Demo (2004)

By: Ken Pierce
Published: Tuesday, April 6, 2004
Of Infinity

1. The Voice Without
2. Shadow Of A Lie
3. Itís Only For Forever

Alessandra Zinicola - vocals
Nazareth Sando - guitar
Kurtis Kyllo - bass
Randy Herbert - drums
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Of Infinity 2004 Demo

San Antonio Texas’ own “Of Infinity” has just released their 3 track CD Demo entitled “The Essence Of Infinity”. This is a moody and heavy piece. The almost Angelic voice of Alessandra Zinicola cutting through the well orchestrated melodies. She really does have a great voice, and it is very powerful. One can see how her influences in such bands as Nightwish show in her delivery. Nazareth Sando on guitar plays to a frenzy over the drumming (which on this release was programmed). Kurtis Kyllo, on bass, Randy Herbert, on drums, hold the pieces together.

“The Voice Without” has some great hooks in it, and it is a thundering piece when it gets rolling. I thought I was listening to a professional label release because the overall production is very close to that side. The band members clearly took some extra care in making sure this was the best it could be. “Shadow Of A Lie” is a slower heavy track during the beginning which ends in a furious display of melodic skills. It is also the longest track on the CD. Lastly, “It’s Only For Forever” can be almost thought of as a power ballad for there is a slight feel in that vein during this track.

Criticisms: Yes I do have a couple of minor ones. I would have liked to see more tracks put forth by this group, since I liked the ones on the CD. I also would have enjoyed a packaging with more pictures and perhaps lyrics. Beyond that it is a fine CD.

So who should take the time to check out Of Infinity? Well, to be quite honest anyone who enjoys the moody and dramatic Goth stylings of bands like Within Temptation or Epica and After Forever. Fans of power metal will also enjoy it, for there is a degree of that inside these three tracks as well. I was impressed by the demo, and it’s not that easy to win me over these days. There is just too few bands willing to try and be different.

I have provided their link so you can take a look at this up and coming act. I shall keep my fingers crossed for their hopeful signing of a record deal. This CD is available on their site. It is worth a listen.

Of Infinity Official Site: www.ofinfinity.com

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