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Images of Eden - Beyond the Horizon

By: Frank Hill
Published: Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Images of Eden

1. Aladdin
2. Beyond the Horizon
3. I Remember When...

Gordon Tittsworth - vocals
Dennis Mullin - guitar
Matt Kaiser - drums

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Images of Eden - Beyond the Horizon - 3-song demo/promo

Having a lead visionary in a band can be a double-edged sword. Not only could there be rifts from decisions that isolate other members, the main man can have countless frustrations from dealing with non-producing slacker members. Images of Eden originally formed as a solitary endeavor by guitarist/vocals/keyboardist one-man show Gordon Tittsworth (yep), after he found bandmates that were less than productive or didn't share in his conviction.

"I have always had my own distinct vision with plans on one day bringing it to life but I always seemed to run into obstacles along the way. I found myself butting heads with the other writers in various bands. I dealt with several non-motivated band members and/or "dictators" without any substantial dream or direction...Over the years I had learned how to play all of the instruments that comprised a rock band (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards) so I decided to record a CD with a session drummer. This CD was then used to find the musicians that shared my dream and complete the full time lineup." --Gordon

Otherwise, when things go well and the members click, a band can have great focus and direction with a fervent leader. Having added guitarist Dennis Mullin and drummer Matt Kaiser, Images of Eden synergized and are becoming one of the premier progressive hard rock bands in the Maryland/D.C. area.

Aladdin opens it up nice with a memorable groove riff fitting in well with the provocative lyrics, but Beyond the Horizon shows more guitar stretch with Gordon at his best in the choruses when he's really belting out the melodies-- "Dreaming Awake/I'm staring at the sun". After an Iron Maiden-styled opening, I Remember When... deftly mixes hope and yearning until it decends into a bittersweet piano closing.

The slight production issues (patched-in sounding solos, vocals a bit far back in the mix) of the 3-song CD sample are more than made up for with the higher-end, ardent delivery that Gordon has affecting the pressure points that lift the soul into a place of light and ease where the line of hard rock and metal blur. Images of Eden isn't perfect, but it clearly strives for it, as we all should probably do.

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