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Devil In The Kitchen - Demo (2004)

By: Frank Hill
Published: Saturday, February 28, 2004
Devil In The Kitchen

Andy Reiner - electric violin
Stash Wyslouch - guitar
Alex Carrara - drums
Bassil Silver-Hajo - Bass

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One of the coolest riffs ever laid down to track isn't from a guitar--it's the fiddle line from "Devil Went Down To Georgia". You can't deny the attractiveness of Charlie Daniel's most popular chorus. Since then, I've always thought that a combination of some blood pumping Bluegrass/Mountain tunes with some killer metal would work in a weird sort of amalgamation. Violin virtuoso Andy Reiner and his band have brought the two together in their EP "Wizard's Walk".

Devil In The Kitchen came into existence in September of 2003 when electric violinist Andy Reiner joined forces with guitarist Stash Wyslouch, drummer Alex Carrara, and bassist Bassil Silver-Hajo to fuse the traditional music of Celtic, European and American folk music with the raging sounds of heavy metal.

Other than the stoner/doom sounds of "Trey Eats Meat", most of the songs have a U.S. speed metal background with the fiddle overlaid on top. Some of the scratching doesn't appeal to me, but the blistering lead runs of "Whipple Hill Medley" and "Heather's Concussion" are as head-whipping as any standard metal tune. "D-A Set" is like a Lord of the Dance production during the Armageddon. The tongue-in-cheek folksiness of titles like "Coked Up Leprechaun" show that the band doesn't take itself too seriously, but they are great musicians.

Listening to all 7 songs each time through is a bit too much to take without some vocals to focus on and the production could be better, but DITK is a unique affair that will have you grinnin' like a happy hayseed. If you give the cover more than a glance you'll see all the titles illustrated together.

The Devil used to be in the house of the rising sun. Now he's in the kitchen and you know what he's serving up.

Link: www.devilinthekitchen.com

1. Heather's Concussion
2. Coked Up Leprechaun
3. Whipple Hill Medley
4. Trey Eats Meat
5. D-A Set
6. Wizard's Walk
7. Mad Dog

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