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Outworld - Demo (2004)

By: Frank Hill
Published: Saturday, February 14, 2004

Darren Davis - Drums
Rusty Cooley - Lead Guitar
Kelly Carpenter - Vocals
Bobby Williamson - Keyboards
Shawn Kascak - Bass Guitar

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Outworld, who has been described as power, progressive, groove and melodic Metal, are based in Houston, Texas USA. They have a unique way of blending musical styles with a genuine conviction in which they express themselves. They are not afraid to be themselves in an Orwellian world. This band has been treated as one of the elite Metal bands in and around their area, always bringing impressive crowds. The Bang Your Head Festival, based out of Germany, organized a festival in Houston in the summer of 2001; This was Outworld’s first gig with vocals in which they brought the most crowd according to ticket sales with the exception of the headliner.

Each member in Outworld has been in respectable bands before all coming together to form as one. The vocalist(Kelly Carpenter) and guitarist(Rusty Cooley) were both in the same band in the early to mid 90’s under the name Dominion, which was more of a Skid Row/Lynch Mob kind of sound. That band had a short but successful run of about a year before it disbanded. Some time had elapsed before Rusty had a new vision in mind and was eager to implement it, therefore attempting to assemble a band with a fresher vision.

Rusty suggested to Darren Davis(drummer) the need for a keyboardist to help support the guitar lead heavy songs. Bobby Williamson(keyboardist) had been looking for Rusty’s number and had the same idea in mind. So as fate may have it the lineup was looking good. However, the quest for a great vocalist was still on.

Up until 2001, Outworld were strictly instrumental, feeding off of Rusty’s incredible guitar chops. They were eager to include a vocalist, but refused to settle for just anyone.Then one day vocalist Kelly Carpenter was spotted by Rusty at a local Metal record store working behind the counter after not seeing him for some time. When asked to join the band, he was stoked about the idea of getting back with Rusty and a new vision to see what could happen. Since they all had similar influences they knew there would be chemistry.

In January of 2003, Rusty released an instrumental CD through Lion Music out of Finland. The CD, self-titled “Rusty Cooley”, features his insane guitar abilities and includes 2 bonus tracks with vocals. Members of Outworld took part in the performance and recording of that endeavor.

Now, Outworld, with ex Cauldron Born and schooled bassist Shawn Kascak, plan to work hard on their debut release which will display awesome vocals and guitar riffs, along with tight rhythmic unification and genuine melodic layers. Some influences you might hear in their music would include Yngwie Malmsteen, Dream Theater, etc….but with a newer edge including momentary riffs in the vein of bands like Pantera, Meshuggah, etc. They feel Outworld is one of the few bands in the Metal genre that are not afraid to groove and try new things, hence forming a stand alone image. Outworld not only takes their music seriously, but also spend as much time on lyrics and subject matter to grab the interest of many.

It’s time to get down to business with the debut release. They have several newer songs on the plate and being demonstrated for label interest. Outworld feel they will make impressionable waves in the Metal ocean, and are anxious to display their zeal for diverse metal.

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