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Dirty Power - Lick The Verse, Suck The Chorus

By: Eric Compton
Published: Friday, November 14, 2003
Dirty Power - "Lick The Verse, Suck The Chorus"

1. Open Fist
2. Oscillator Generator
3. I Won't Fall In love Again
4. What Would Mountain Do?

The California stoner rock crew return with an all new demo, a tentative group of songs that could be the follow-up to their impressive debut, "Sonic Dynamite", which is still available through Dead Teenager Records. This demo finds Patrock and company going back to a full on 70s sound here, mixing it up with odes to Kiss, Boston, Stephenwolf, and Mountain. Each track here is skillfully played with a nod to the old school, bluesy and doomy, with a fuzzy sense of melody, bringing back the classic sounds of a hard rock era, before the onlslaught of heavy metal even came into play.

By all means, this demo isn't the same sound that the group's demo possessed, instead this is simply a good romp through the 70s, with the debut being a bit more modern, it added in the metal influences of COC, Black Sabbath, and even Foo Fighters at times. I'm not sure what Dirty Power have in store for the new album, but this demo gives me a pretty good idea that they could tackle an album filled with 70s sounds. I wouldn't have any problem with that, as the guys construct this sound so well. This is just pure "good old fashioned hard-rock attitude" with plenty of alcohol and gasoline fury and a rock bottom guitar frenzy that deserves recognition. Check Dirty Power out cause it's what is missing from metal!

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. Nightwish. BloodDuster
. Karaboudjan. Mondo Generator
. Dokken. Grave Digger
. Deceased. Goatwhore
. Deranged. Norma Jean
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. Manowar. God Dethroned
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