Maharaja - Exclusive Song Stream on Maximum Metal! Maharaja are a three-piece sludge metal band from the post-industrial wasteland of Dayton, Ohio. They are proud to announce that they will release their debut album, 'Kali Yuga', on September 22nd 2017. After spending the better part of the past three years touring since their inception in 2014, the band excitedly entered the studio with engineer Jacob Wright (Big Deal America), with full intent of capturing their live onslaught on tape. The band believes they have done so and the results are sure to please metal fans of all genres.

The album title, 'Kali Yuga', is Sanskrit for the "age of destruction" and the band does little to disappoint those expecting a visceral and figurative representation of demonic destruction. Maharaja has perfected their own wall of sound by way of lead vocalist and bassist Eric Bluebaum's fuzzed out tone, stacked with Angus Burkhardt's guitars that doom 'n' shred, and drums that are as quick to drop a blast beat as they are to groove you to death courtesy of drummer and vocalist Zack Mangold.

Maharaja are sure to please fans of Red Fang, Weedeater and Electric Wizard. In advance of the album's release date, Maximum Metal are proud to exclusively stream 'Kali Yuga' track "Black Magiq Carpet Ride":

'Kali Yuga' Tracklist:
1. Blood Moon
2. Slave to Senses
3. Free Choice
4. Ethisfidi
5. Ourboros
6. Blaq Magiq Carpet Ride
7. I, Undying

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