Emo Mowery of Leash Law, Tiwanaku and ex-Nocturnus - interview by Nailer

Since, Richard Christy has left for the Howard Stern Show, that leaves Leash Law without a drummer. Where do you stand on a replacement?

Right now we are searching for a permanent drummer. As it sits if we cannot find the guy we are looking for; Richard has offered to play the drum tracks for the next album which is awesome of him and only shows how much of a fucking great guy he is and always has been! We are working with a couple guys right now. Hopefully we'll be back on track very soon!

"Superbowl Winners: The Heavy Metal Pittsburgh Steelers"
If you get a new drummer, will they also fill in for your other death metal hybrid band Tiwanaku?

Yes indeed! The new guy will be drummer for both bands!!

The new Leash Law CD 'Dogface' should make it in my top discs of 2004. Are you pleased with the critical response and initial sales for the new CD?

Thats awesome! Glad you like the album!! Yes and no. In the US it has done very well! In Europe, on the other hand, it didnt do as well as expected.

2004 is almost over, how has the year been treating you guys?

This year has had its ups and downs. Releasing Dogface was a good up!! A fucking great up!!! Moving to Orlando has been a great thing!! Three hurricanes in 6 weeks was a real fucking bummer! Richard leaving for the Stern show was a HUGE bummer!!! But we of course are very happy for him!!!! Its the roller coaster of life man!! HAHA!

We're asking everybody as part of a new survey: Where do you think the heavy metal capital of the world is and why:

Thats a tough question! From what I hear, I would have to say that would be the hot spots in South America. My friends in Bolivia say that metal is HUGE there. Every show is a big show! We have to play in South America one day soon! As far as a hot spot for bands coming out. They pop out of everywhere now and I dont see a specific location being "thee one and only" hot spot.

Who's gonna take the Superbowl this year?

Now you and I both know the answer to that!! The heavy metal Pittsburgh
Steelers baby!!

You catching any flak down in FL for being a big Steelers fan?

Believe it or not, there are a ton of Steelers fans here!! I dont catch a whole lot of flak down here for it. In fact this year any of the Floridian NFL team fans have no room to give me any flak for it!!

Some of us Max Metal guys are playing the online fantasy football leagues this year. You playing any of those?

Actually this year, I am only playing yahoo's pro pickem. Between hurricanes, working on my house, and working in my studio, I actually missed a couple weeks of picks. Hopefully next year I'll be able to join a fantasy league. Don't get me wrong though. I have the NFL ticket and watch football every Sunday. Can't live without it man!!

Next year when we challange the metal community, are you gonna take part or decline like a scared poseur?

HAHAHA! What's the challenge going to be??? Whatever you guys throw this way, I'll be a part of it! NO doubts there!

You got anything going on for this Halloween, man?

Nothing yet actually. Knowing me I will use the night to write some more new material. I love Halloween and the feeling you get on the night of it so maybe a good new song will come of it. \m/

Emo MoweryFrank Hill10/23/2004

Eric Compton6/1/2004

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