New Made in Sweden Column - Authorize
7/14/2021 by Frank Hill

Like the mid-90s erosion of Swedish Death metal into the folds of Black Metal, the late 80s had its own form of expulsion. Thrash metal was quickly disposed of in the pursuit of more brutal and heavier forms of extreme music. A lot of bands began as loose adaptations of American and German thrash metal. As the tape trading, fanzines and word of mouth started to spread, kids were quick to trade in their Kreator and Slayer for harsher material. It was a rite of passage.

In 1990, Morbid Fear changed their name to Authorize and hired a vocalist in Thomas Ek. Larssa Johansson. 'The Source of Dominion' was recorded in January of 1991 at F.S. Studio and produced and mixed by Bror Tornell (Divine Sin, Morgana Lefay). The album cover is shrouded in horror and reminds me of the old album covers of English bruisers Benediction (and Germany's Grinder). The record was released in early 1991, after Entombed's 'Left Hand Path' set the scene up in 1990...

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