New Interview with John Arch of Arch/Matheos!
5/11/2019 by Frank Hill

John Arch, founding member of the pioneering progressive metal band Fates Warning, has a well-earned reputation for his distictive vocal sound and range along with complex and thought-provoking lyrics.

On the genre-defining Awaken the Guardian release in 1986 this was done through mythological references and metaphors. On his last three releases, his solo ep A Twist of Fate followed by Arch/Matheos' debut Sympathetic Resonance and the new Metal Blade release Winter Ethereal, he has used more real-life experiences and emotions to connect with the listener.

Photographer and writer Mark Cubbedge had a chance to speak with John for Maximum Metal about why he continues to produce music as he enters his sixth decade of life, the songwriting process, and his inspiration and back story to writing Winter Ethereal.Check it out here...[Full Interview Link]

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Cave In HammerFall
In Flames Vicious Mary
Solemnity Rebellion
Cradle of Filth Kataklysm
Kalibas Solace
Helloween Seether
Ring of Fire Vaginal Carnage
Fozzy Firewind
Dr. Butcher Conquest
Pelican Tungsten
Exawatt Shakra
Iced Earth Sludge!
Duke Hypocrisy
Pharaoh Secret Sphere
Soul Reaper Fairyland
TNA Death Angel
Gothic Knights Exodus
Riot UFO
Deep Purple Wolf
Edge Of Forever Nova Lex
Lonewolf Feinstein
Krokus Fireaxe
Bonfire Unleashed
Meliah Rage Beaten Back To Pure
Unearth Nashville Pussy
Annihilator GWAR
Throcult Haunted By Angels
Overlorde Anger
The 7 Method Behemoth
Karmakanic Triumph
Feared Creation Legion
Code Black Bloody Sign
Cradle To Grave Miles Beyond
Necrophagia Astral Doors
Shatterpoint Heartcry
Soulscar Angtoria
Ravensthorn Apocalyptica
Argument Soul Chaoswave
Alex Skolnick Trio Boomerang
Debris Inc. Holy Moses
Kinrick Impiety
Throes of Dawn Def Leppard
Hatesphere Defleshed
God Among Insects Slough Feg
Unshine Circus Maximus
Evemaster Slik Helvetika
Sebastian Bach Dam
Impaled Nazarene Morgana Lefay
The Scourger Warchild
To The Bone Dragonia
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Savage Circus Avenged Sevenfold
Phantom X Akercocke
Doomfoxx Sinocence
Bronx Casket Company The Tenth Circle
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Vader End of Level Boss
Craft Naked Beggars
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Scum Dissection
Leviathan/Sapthuran Bal-Sagoth
Elvenking Dream Or Nightmare
Abysmal Dawn Sun Descends
Unsilent Phenomenon Space Odyssey
She Said Destroy Hydrogyn
Fleshgore Enochian Crescent
Battle Bratt Oblomov
Urkraft Threat Signal
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Nagelfar Passion
The Prophecy Aborted
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