New Interview with Nick Dunn for Cambridge University's Massive Metal Survey!
7/3/2019 by Frank Hill

Headbangers all over the world know that heavy metal is a style that explores a wide range of emotional qualities--anger, despair, depression, relief, triumph; emotions we feel but cannot always name. Academic study of metal's emotional qualities is a bit scant, but now there is a large research project underway that needs your input.

In association with Cambridge University, music website PureGrainAudio is teaming up with Musical Universe to bring you a massive metal survey! With this survey, PGA are asking for emotional and intellectual responses to 33 musical excerpts that represent over 15 subgenres of metal. The information gained will be analyzed by psychologists at Cambridge and aims to be published in a scientific journal as well as an article on PureGrainAudio. After completing the survey you will instantly receive your musical engagement, personality, and well-being scores.

We had a chance to speak with one of the project's personnel, Nick Dunn, about the survey. We also took it with one of our results at the end. Check it out here...[Full Interview Link]

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Hate Eternal Lost Horizon
Steel Prophet Vicious Mary
Karaboudjan Solemnity
Deceased Stratovarius
Commit Suicide Circle II Circle
Firewind Wizard
Abigor Circle of Nero
Black Sabbath Inner Rage of Emotion
Biomechanical Godiva
Artension Runemagick
Nordheim Vhaldemar
Windseeker Edguy
Fraise Project: Failing Flesh
Deivos Soul Reaper
Fairyland Fear Factory
Three Inches of Blood TNA
Silver Mountain Cryonic Temple
Gothic Knights Jaw
Messiah's Kiss Icon And The Black Roses
Edge Of Forever Velvet Revolver
Lonewolf Joe Stump
Destructor Acrid
Devil In The Kitchen Vox Tempus
Unleashed Skeletonwitch
Lilitu Imp
Psychotron Aina
Katagory V Division
Eternal Flight Necrodemon
Neurosis The Project Hate
Anger Jackyl
Triumph Azrael's Bane
Of Infinity Helgrind
Kamelot Veni Domine
Necrophagia Hibria
Icarus Witch Chuck Schuldiner
Backyard Babies the missing:
Samael Novembers Doom
Drunkard Axel Rudi Pell
Chastain Neil Turbin
Raintime Burden Of Grief
Pro-Pain Green Carnation
Groundcrew Defleshed
Dark Funeral Nuse
Slik Helvetika Horna
Ritual Killer Gaia
Widow Clutch
Painmuseum Octavia Sperati
ASG Casus Belli
The Firstborn Ghost Machinery
Balatonizer Thrones
Dechrist Akercocke
Overmars Chain Collector
Mastermind Dogs Of Winter
Motorhead Hate
Thryfing Cardinale
Cannibal Corpse Intronaut
Beyond Fear Thyrane
Hell-Born Dissection
Cryptopsy Viron
Elvenking Cavalar
Stormcrow Black Crucifixion
Dawn of Azazel Fragments of Unbecoming
Jotunspor Unsilent Phenomenon
Sahg Pretty Maids
Setherial Enochian Crescent
Wastefall Cult of Daath
Lupara Obtest
Lordi Darkness Eternal
Extium The Gathering
Southern Gentleman Dream Theater
Static-X Mendeed
White Wizzard Passion
Pentacle Nominon
Transmission 0 Retrospective
Wuthering Heights Trenchfoot
Glorior Belli David Galas
Funeral Nation Beyond
Faith And Fire Randy Ellefson
Cauldron Mass Extinction
Orthodox Blood Haven
Straight Line Stitch SOS
Moonshine Mar De Grises
Kiuas Luna Mortis
Faded Hope Mustasch
Sotajumala Suspyre