New Interview with Nick Dunn for Cambridge University's Massive Metal Survey!
7/3/2019 by Frank Hill

Headbangers all over the world know that heavy metal is a style that explores a wide range of emotional qualities--anger, despair, depression, relief, triumph; emotions we feel but cannot always name. Academic study of metal's emotional qualities is a bit scant, but now there is a large research project underway that needs your input.

In association with Cambridge University, music website PureGrainAudio is teaming up with Musical Universe to bring you a massive metal survey! With this survey, PGA are asking for emotional and intellectual responses to 33 musical excerpts that represent over 15 subgenres of metal. The information gained will be analyzed by psychologists at Cambridge and aims to be published in a scientific journal as well as an article on PureGrainAudio. After completing the survey you will instantly receive your musical engagement, personality, and well-being scores.

We had a chance to speak with one of the project's personnel, Nick Dunn, about the survey. We also took it with one of our results at the end. Check it out here...[Full Interview Link]

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The Kovenant Mudvayne
Nightwish Opeth
Misery Index Twelfth Gate
Twisted Tower Dire Kalibas
Gun Barrel Circle II Circle
Mark Boals Vaginal Carnage
Lamb of God Widowmaker
Crematorium Tungsten
Nicta Supervillain
Inner Rage of Emotion Malstrom
Sludge! Stalker
Drillpoint Halloween
Whitesnake Krisiun
Slayer Project: Failing Flesh
Soul Reaper Dew Scented
Royal Anguish Hard Echo
Death Angel Black Stone Cherry
Jag Panzer UFO
Donnerkopf De Lirium's Order
Ungodly Lilitu
Metal Church Beaten Back To Pure
Dark Age Theocracy
Katagory V Division
Scavenger Age Of Silence
Polterchrist Necrodemon
Internal Bleeding Neurosis
Dark Ruin Mine
The Project Hate Haunted By Angels
Overlorde Blind Guardian
Seventh One Code Black
Scenteria Ligeia
Requiem Aeternam Sabaton
Yyrkoon Soulscar
Chuck Schuldiner John Sykes
Stormwarrior Novembers Doom
Bruce Dickinson Raintime
Fastkill Throes of Dawn
Mirador God Among Insects
Vicious Art Darkane
Subterranean Masquerade Testament
Dam Power Quest
Widow Octavia Sperati
Illuminatus Eternal Reign
Orphaned Land Russell Allen
Blood Thirsty Demons Sun O)))
Shattersphere Arthemis
The Classic Struggle Gorefest
Motorhead Nocturnal Rites
Decapitated Insense
Enforsaken Nobody's Fool
Second Shadow Totalisti
Witchery Southern Black Sand
Intronaut Nightmare
Silver Dirt Warrant (Amer)
Bal-Sagoth Hirax
8th Sin The Furor
Black Crucifixion Royal Hunt
Gorgoroth Scary Manilow
Time Requiem Fleshgore
Vicious Rumors Skyforger
Wednesday 13 Zero Hour
Wastefall Thy Majestie
Semargl Biolich
Lordi Demise
Better Left Unsaid Celtic Frost
Kotipelto Gaza
Phazm Melechesh
Fu Manchu Lord Belial
The Chronicles of Israfel Old Man's Child
Chrome Division Textures
Five Finger Death Punch Tears
The Wonderfools Hearse
Faith And Fire Cauldron
Night Ranger Mass Extinction
Shining Star I Shalt Become
Bilocate 40 Below Summer
Trivium Vulture Industries
Son of Eric Coffins
Winterfylleth Eighteen Wheels Burning
Mustasch Sotajumala