New Interview with Nick Dunn for Cambridge University's Massive Metal Survey!
7/3/2019 by Frank Hill

Headbangers all over the world know that heavy metal is a style that explores a wide range of emotional qualities--anger, despair, depression, relief, triumph; emotions we feel but cannot always name. Academic study of metal's emotional qualities is a bit scant, but now there is a large research project underway that needs your input.

In association with Cambridge University, music website PureGrainAudio is teaming up with Musical Universe to bring you a massive metal survey! With this survey, PGA are asking for emotional and intellectual responses to 33 musical excerpts that represent over 15 subgenres of metal. The information gained will be analyzed by psychologists at Cambridge and aims to be published in a scientific journal as well as an article on PureGrainAudio. After completing the survey you will instantly receive your musical engagement, personality, and well-being scores.

We had a chance to speak with one of the project's personnel, Nick Dunn, about the survey. We also took it with one of our results at the end. Check it out here...[Full Interview Link]

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Cathedral Hate Eternal
Racer X Vicious Mary
Exmortem Grave Digger
Regurgitate Neck
Celestial Ode Overkill
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Dark Moor
Sickspeed Legend
Crematorium Power of Omens
Conquest Goat Horn
Dragonforce Bloodbath
Edguy Fraise
Lacuna Coil Asperity
Body Count Fairyland
F5 Volbeat
Force Of Evil Funerus
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Madison Paige
Outworld Amityville Whore
Velvet Revolver Jorn
U.D.O. Gary Moore
Ministry Chapter VIII
Bonfire Skeletonwitch
Metal Church Saxon
Dio Wintersun
Dark Age Lullacry
Z02 Chris Caffery
GWAR Incantation
Haunted By Angels Silent Force
Trans-Siberian Orchestra Jackyl
Legion Paradise Lost
Gods Of Fire Helgrind
Hellfueled Dirt
Vicious Circle Tarot
Angtoria Oathean
Omegalord Kinrick
Sinisthra Disbelief
Python Unshine
Taake Secrets She Kept
Nightvision Fates Warning
Widow Iron Maidens
Nuclear Assault Mercyful Fate
Before The Dawn Russell Allen
Evergrey Violent Storm
Sun O))) Running Wild
Ewigkeit The Absence
Ghost Machinery Crystal Ball
Dreamland Wolfmother
Skullshifter End of Level Boss
Totalisti Tandjent
286 Beyond Fear
Firehouse Cryptopsy
Warrant (Amer) Elvenking
Speed/Kill/Hate Stormcrow
TK-421 Jotunspor
Unsilent Phenomenon Bloodbound
Skid Row Fleshgore
Mouth of the Architect Hurt
Death Breath The Abominable Iron Sloth
Satyricon Eighteen Visions
Venom Audrey Horne
Panzerchrist Demise
Deicide Better Left Unsaid
Gaza Threat Signal
Dream Theater In This Moment
Grenouer Nagelfar
Marc Sasso Mendeed
Mithras Pentacle
Rob Zombie Denial Fiend
Transmission 0 Lipstick Magazine
Throneum JR Ewing
Fight Himsa
Hellveto I Shalt Become
Gutted With Broken Glass The Obsessed
Medieval Steel Mar De Grises
The More I See Son of Eric
Coffins Wolfgate
Eighteen Wheels Burning Sotajumala