New Interview with Jim Matheos of Arch/Matheos and Fates Warning!
4/22/2019 by Frank Hill

Thirty-five plus years into his career as founding member and guitarist for the progressive metal band Fates Warning, Jim Matheos has earned the reverence of fans and the respect of peers. Combining strong guitar work with the vocals and poetic writing of early member John Arch, Fates releases 'The Spectre Within' and 'Awaken the Guardian' were seminal works in the development of progressive and power metal. After those albums, the two men parted ways.

Jim and John eventually reunited under the moniker "Arch/Matheos" releasing 'Sympathetic Resonance' in 2011. Now, eight years later, they have collaborated again with the Metal Blade release 'Winter Ethereal', a meticulously crafted masterpiece of nine tracks that bring you along on a powerful musical and emotional experience.

Photographer Mark Cubbedge had a chance to speak with Jim for Maximum Metal about the recent tour and some of what went into the making of 'Winter Ethereal'. Check it out here...[Full Interview Link]

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