New Live Video from Doomsters Sabba!
3/22/2019 by Frank Hill

Sabba are a new doom band from Brooklyn, New York, whose sound emphasizes a combination of powerful riffs and haunting atmosphere. The band was formed by vocalist Valerie Russo and guitarist Mike Calabrese after the breakup of their previous band, Neither God Nor Master.

Though the band is brand new, it has already released a three-song debut EP titled 'Pentacle', engineered by Calabrese and drummer Kevin Dawkins (the latter of whom also mixed the EP and designed its artwork).

What you are about to see is footage of the final song from that set, "Jupiter" (or "Ivpiter," as it later became stylized on the EP). Although technical difficulties resulted in a few seconds of the song's intro being lost, we felt that the footage was still worth posting to give viewers a look at a promising new band in action.

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