Thrashing 2018: The Best Thrash of 2018!
2/26/2019 by Frank Hill

When I looked back at my top releases of the year I was surprised to see an abundance of thrash albums making my list. Generally, my fondness of the genre deteriorated drastically soon after the New Wave of Thrash Metal stopped being a term we threw around. The sheer volume of the genre, now more fertile than ever, is a bulk of each Friday's new releases. With so many thrash records widely available, here's who we thought did it better than anyone else...

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· Leng Tch'e· Mudvayne
· The Great Deceiver· Vicious Mary
· Chaingunn· Big Dumb Face
· Grave Digger· Deceased
· Narziß· Nazareth
· Majesty· Ring of Fire
· Advent· Fozzy
· Liege Lord· Legend
· Manowar· Carnal Forge
· October 31· H.I.M.
· Circle of Nero· Nicta
· Saint· Artension
· Wycked Synn· Steel Preacher
· Beautiful Creatures· Axenstar
· Windseeker· Halloween
· Iron Savior· Hard Echo
· Evanescence· UFO
· Leash Law· Madison Paige
· Kingcrow· Van Helsing’s Curse
· Low Earth Orbit· Velvet Revolver
· Dragonspoon· Estuary
· Dimmu Borgir· Joey Belladonna
· Images of Eden· Medusa
· Otep· Division
· Jungle Rot· House of Shakira
· Six Feet Under· Arch Enemy
· Silent Force· Agnostic Front
· Jackyl· Angra
· Creed· Fifth Cross
· Of Infinity· Scenteria
· Cradle To Grave· Audiovision
· The Apocalyptic Riders· Miles Beyond
· Carbomb· Angtoria
· Chuck Schuldiner· Antares
· Stormwarrior· Derek Sherinian
· Pure Inc· Meshuggah
· Soul SirkUS· Chastain
· Kinrick· Neil Turbin
· Callenish Circle· Pro-Pain
· Embraze· Manntis
· Graveworm· Amorphis
· Dark Funeral· Dynamic Lights
· Prowler Inc.· Sebastian Bach
· Frameless Scar· Power Quest
· Wetwork· Painmuseum
· V:28· The Atomic Bitchwax
· Illuminatus· Eternal Reign
· Before The Dawn· Winterfell
· Third Degree· Thrones
· Crystal Ball· Spellbound
· Gojira· Vile
· Define Divine· God Forbid
· Dismember· Beecher
· End of Level Boss· Sodom
· Fallen Wisdom· Witchery
· Powerglove· Fields Of The Nephilim
· Event Horizon· The Smashup
· Athanator· Abysmal Dawn
· Apiary· Theater of Tragedy
· Suzukiton· Bloodbound
· Azure· Paul Bonrud
· Warface· Shadows Within
· Amputated· Semargl
· Isis· Biolich
· Escape The Fate· Panzerchrist
· Demise· Kotipelto
· Gaza· Stonegard
· Diagnose: Lebensgefahr· Southern Gentleman
· Battered· Throne of Katarsis
· Lord Belial· Mindgrinder
· Trouble· Since the Day
· Aborted· Warner Drive
· Throneum· The Wonderfools
· Nation Beyond· Sworn Enemy
· Himsa· Ensiferum
· Distorted· Mass Extinction
· Shining Star· 40 Below Summer
· Gutted With Broken Glass· Deceiver
· Witchfinder General· Armory
· Alestorm· Wolfgate
· Nasty Idols