Thrashing 2018: The Best Thrash of 2018!
2/26/2019 by Frank Hill

When I looked back at my top releases of the year I was surprised to see an abundance of thrash albums making my list. Generally, my fondness of the genre deteriorated drastically soon after the New Wave of Thrash Metal stopped being a term we threw around. The sheer volume of the genre, now more fertile than ever, is a bulk of each Friday's new releases. With so many thrash records widely available, here's who we thought did it better than anyone else...

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Slipknot Vehemence
Chaingunn Karaboudjan
Misery Index Poisonblack
Grave Digger Deceased
Anthrax Deranged
Symphorce Skullview
Solace Godsmack
Majesty Advent
Ravage Angel Dust
Dr. Butcher Cage
H.I.M. Ion Vein
Endless Time Supervillain
Shakra Catch 22
Paragon Runemagick
Steel Preacher Evanesce
Sinergy Axenstar
DevilDriver Iron Savior
Soul Reaper Hard Echo
Black Stone Cherry Devil To Pay
Funerus Ebony Ark
Evanescence W.A.S.P.
Edge Of Forever Jorn
Ministry Judas Priest
Spiral Madness Devil In The Kitchen
Shadows Fall Division
Age Of Silence Mine
Six Feet Under Overlorde
Blind Guardian Tristania
Betrayer Fifth Cross
Feared Creation The Apocalyptic Riders
Divine Fire Requiem Aeternam
Impaled Loudblast
Dirt Heartcry
Mechanical Poet Mystic Prophecy
Freedom Call Meshuggah
Axis Of Perdition Debris Inc.
Swallow The Sun Thunderblast
Neil Turbin Babylon
Burden Of Grief Throes of Dawn
Def Leppard Defleshed
God Among Insects Brand New Sin
Unchained Taake
Slik Helvetika Horna
Leaves Eyes Sebastian Bach
Cannon Havochate
Holy Blood A Lower Deep
Warchild Peccatum
Dragonia Evergrey
Dirty Americans Blood Thirsty Demons
Ignarus 1349
Barcode Third Degree
Algol3 Savage Circus
Paths Of Possession Dechrist
Akercocke Cryogen
Skullshifter The Classic Struggle
Gorefest Vanquished
Hate End of Level Boss
End My Sorrow Pile of Heads
Thryfing Ephel Duath
Upwards of Endtime Wolves in the Throne Room
Dissection Viron
Silver Dirt Ampast
Athanator Dream Or Nightmare
Hirax Speed/Kill/Hate
Upon Infliction Royal Hunt
Spawn of Possession Azure
Hydrogyn From the Grave
Abominant The Abominable Iron Sloth
Amputated Isis
Satyricon E-lane
Escape The Fate Starkweather
Celtic Frost Quest of Aidance
Centinex Gaza
Lost Eden Warbringer
Necrophobic Dezperadoz
Almah Hacride
Lipstick Magazine Malevolent Creation
Hearse Himsa
Destynation Pathology
Shining Star Ride The Sky
The Obsessed Trivium
Witchfinder General Blood Haven
Manilla Road Deadsea
Luna Mortis Mustasch
Dark Castle