Thrashing 2018: The Best Thrash of 2018!
2/26/2019 by Frank Hill

When I looked back at my top releases of the year I was surprised to see an abundance of thrash albums making my list. Generally, my fondness of the genre deteriorated drastically soon after the New Wave of Thrash Metal stopped being a term we threw around. The sheer volume of the genre, now more fertile than ever, is a bulk of each Friday's new releases. With so many thrash records widely available, here's who we thought did it better than anyone else...

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· Cave In· Leng Tch'e
· Nightwish· Children Of Bodom
· Dokken· Exmortem
· Twelfth Gate· Godflesh
· Vaginal Carnage· Liege Lord
· Widowmaker· Masterplan
· Power of Omens· The Chainsaw
· Ion Vein· Nicta
· Supervillain· Godiva
· Thunderbolt· Wycked Synn
· Morbid Angel· Victory
· Dream Weaver· Sinergy
· Guardians Of Time· Windseeker
· Attacker· Pink Cream 69
· Edguy· Defiled
· Probot· Project: Failing Flesh
· Fairyland· Neverland
· Three Inches of Blood· TNA
· Bleeding Inc· Wolf
· Amityville Whore· Donnerkopf
· Van Helsing’s Curse· Gary Moore
· Dragonspoon· House of Lords
· Acrid· Devil In The Kitchen
· Skeletonwitch· Psychotron
· Wintersun· I.C.E.
· Tartharia· Throcult
· Trans-Siberian Orchestra· Hanzel Und Gretyl
· Avenue F· Twisted Sister
· Mercenary· Of Infinity
· Kinetic· Emerald Sun
· Miles Beyond· Requiem Aeternam
· Seige of Hate· Vicious Circle
· Strikelight· Soulscar
· Ravensthorn· Wolverine
· Kaamos· Kryoburn
· Operatika· Strapping Young Lad
· Babylon· Impiety
· Ivory Knight· Defleshed
· Blind Stare· Raging Speedhorn
· Vicious Art· Darkane
· Voyager· Nuse
· Slik Helvetika· Monolithe
· Supagroup· Leaves Eyes
· Dam· Killing Spree
· Cannon· Morgana Lefay
· To The Bone· V:28
· Before The Dawn· Russell Allen
· Sun O)))· Ignarus
· 1349· Barcode
· Cryogen· Vile
· Infliction· Define Divine
· Detonation· Nocturnal Rites
· Absolution· Machina
· Grimfist· Enforsaken
· Brother Hawk· Thryfing
· Totalisti· Blackmore's Night
· Cannibal Corpse· Clawfinger
· Cryptopsy· Event Horizon
· Moonspell· Vore
· Silver Dirt· Ampast
· Elvenking· Vreid
· Down Factor· Space Odyssey
· Nachtmystium· Paul Bonrud
· Psycroptic· Sahg
· Skid Row· Mouth of the Architect
· Shadows Within· Hurt
· Pump· Anata
· Mastodon· Rotting Christ
· Sathanas· Escape The Fate
· Demise· Quest of Aidance
· Onslaught· Crescent Shield
· Dezperadoz· Almah
· Passion· Textures
· Five Finger Death Punch· Mithras
· The Prophecy· Pentacle
· The Wonderfools· Nation Beyond
· Randy Ellefson· Last Stone Cast
· Vulture Industries· Hacksaw Surgery
· Souls Of We· Kiuas
· UFOmammut· Wolfgate
· Battleroar· Dark Castle