Thrashing 2018: The Best Thrash of 2018!
2/26/2019 by Frank Hill

When I looked back at my top releases of the year I was surprised to see an abundance of thrash albums making my list. Generally, my fondness of the genre deteriorated drastically soon after the New Wave of Thrash Metal stopped being a term we threw around. The sheer volume of the genre, now more fertile than ever, is a bulk of each Friday's new releases. With so many thrash records widely available, here's who we thought did it better than anyone else...

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Into Eternity Nightwish
BloodDuster Immolation
Anthrax Goatwhore
Helloween Overkill
Circle II Circle Nazareth
Fozzy Masterplan
Agony Divine Black Sabbath
Thunderbolt Curriculum Mortis
Morbid Angel Victory
Hypocrisy Pink Cream 69
Whitesnake Edguy
Brides of Destruction Tesla
Drowning Pool Scala Mercalli
Exodus Madison Paige
Kingcrow Wolf
Edge Of Forever Gamma Ray
Lonewolf De Lirium's Order
Juggernott Scorpions
Joey Belladonna Lilitu
Saxon Rhapsody of Fire
Dio Unearth
Polterchrist Necrodemon
Conquestador The Last Act
Mirror of Deception Cryme
Rush Tristania
Betrayer Dark Tranquillity
Paradise Lost Bloody Sign
Gods Of Fire Belef
Crionics Hellfueled
Seige of Hate Desire Black
Ravensthorn Chuck Schuldiner
Bleed The Sky Omegalord
Frantic Bleep Axel Rudi Pell
Kinrick Gizmachi
Ramesses Grand Magus
Impiety Shade Empire
Slumber Sothis
Testament Circus Maximus
Dynamic Lights Voyager
Evemaster Prowler Inc.
Frameless Scar Thor
Holy Blood A Lower Deep
Painmuseum Octavia Sperati
Loits Illuminatus
Black Majesty Dirty Americans
1349 Mabon
Savage Circus Thrones
Dreamland Doomfoxx
Wolfmother Mastermind
The Classic Struggle Dragonlord
Detonation Virgin Steele
Absu Decapitated
Taunusheim Early Man
Mental Care Foundation Witchery
Southern Black Sand Cannibal Corpse
Lair Of The Minotaur Beyond Fear
Nightmare Moonspell
Viron The Smackdown
Ampast Nicodemus
The Furor Upon Infliction
Cult of Luna Suzukiton
Paul Bonrud Amon Amarth
Burialmound Skyforger
Abominant Pretty Maids
Anata Belphegor
Semargl Isis
Satyricon Lesbian Bed Death
Sathanas The Showdown
Urkraft Warbringer
Static-X Mindgrinder
Necrophobic Madking Ludwig
Cruachan Grenouer
White Willow Satariel
Pantera Spit Like This
Antigama Tears
Retrospective Cauldron
Destynation Dantesco
Averse Sefira Glenn Hughes
Bilocate Burzum
Armory Kreator
Hacksaw Surgery The Lamp of Thoth
Bible Of The Devil Coffins