New "Made in Sweden" Column--Nirvana 2002!
2/8/2019 by Frank Hill

After writing about bands and demos, Erik Qvick and Orvar Safstrom, decided to start their own band. Prophet 2002 was created, however in 1988 they changed the band name to Nirvana. After the two heard a song by the popular Seattle grunge act they added the 2002 portion to the name. Thus Nirvana 2002 was brought to life.

Their demos were widely circulated and praised with many anticipating a huge splash with the debut album that never came to fruition. They never performed live during their creative years, yet are considered one of the best and most talented of the Swedish Death bands based on these slim recordings.

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Dam Frameless Scar
Love Forsaken Impaled Nazarene
Blitzkrieg A Lower Deep
Future is Tomorrow The Atomic Bitchwax
Illuminatus Dragonia
Armored Saint Ignarus
Barcode Crystal Ball
Cryogen Ram-Zet
Vile Sinocence
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Dawn of Azazel Spawn of Possession
Theater of Tragedy Jotunspor
Azure Warface
Fleshgore Hurt
Setherial The Finals
Enochian Crescent Cult of Daath
Audrey Horne Cheva
Demise Middian
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Blood Tsunami Onslaught
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