New "Made in Sweden" Column--Nirvana 2002!
2/8/2019 by Frank Hill

After writing about bands and demos, Erik Qvick and Orvar Safstrom, decided to start their own band. Prophet 2002 was created, however in 1988 they changed the band name to Nirvana. After the two heard a song by the popular Seattle grunge act they added the 2002 portion to the name. Thus Nirvana 2002 was brought to life.

Their demos were widely circulated and praised with many anticipating a huge splash with the debut album that never came to fruition. They never performed live during their creative years, yet are considered one of the best and most talented of the Swedish Death bands based on these slim recordings.

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Loudness The Great Deceiver
The Haunted Grave
BloodDuster Mondo Generator
Dokken Regurgitate
Deranged Gun Barrel
Celestial Ode Usurper
Iron Maiden Agoraphobic Nosebleed
Angel Dust Powergod
Power of Omens October 31
Agony Divine Catch 22
Sevendust The Graveyard Boulevard
Runemagick Mnemic
Vhaldemar Pharaoh
Iron Savior Doro
Dew Scented F5
Force Of Evil I Hate Sally
Celesty Exodus
Cans Bleeding Inc
Velvet Revolver Jorn
Black Zodiac Destructor
Joey Belladonna Bonfire
Meliah Rage Black Destiny
Unearth Megadeth
Neurosis The Project Hate
Agnostic Front Mirror of Deception
Karmakanic Rush
Tristania Dark Tranquillity
Scenteria Emerald Sun
Audiovision Kings X
Quiet Riot Astral Doors
Hellfire Suidakra
Chuck Schuldiner John Sykes
Stormwarrior Novembers Doom
Bleed The Sky Magica
Debris Inc. Swallow The Sun
Fastkill Groundcrew
Agents Of Man Maximum Overdrive
Darkane Goddess Of Desire
Unshine Nuse
Prowler Inc. Ritual Killer
Power Quest Devil Lee Rot
Edenbridge Clutch
Agents Of The Sun Blitzkrieg
Lake Of Tears Peccatum
Monster Magnet Bolt Thrower
Vinterriket Paths Of Possession
Phantom X Damnation
Thrones Ram-Zet
Infliction Define Divine
Skullshifter Celebratum
Dismember Decapitated
Sodom Grimfist
Sepultura Cardinale
Poison Nikki Puppet
Fields Of The Nephilim Dissection
Phoenix Mourning Nicodemus
The Strongest Proof Non-Human Level
Dawn of Azazel Bloodbound
Azure Space Odyssey
Hydrogyn Mouth of the Architect
Vicious Rumors The Abominable Iron Sloth
Myon Amputated
Rotting Christ Cult of Daath
Sathanas Escape The Fate
The Showdown Phazm
Omnium Gatherum Terry Sullivan
Manticore Old Man's Child
Mendeed Satariel
Trouble Pantera
The Prophecy Since the Day
Tears Aborted
Blut Aus Nord JR Ewing
Funeral Nation Beyond
Sworn Enemy Echoes of Eternity
Cauldron Spheric Universe Experience
Glenn Hughes 40 Below Summer
Straight Line Stitch Embalming Theatre
Godhead Iron Fire
Cursed Raven