New Interview with Guitarist Dennis Resnjak of Wulfpack!
1/25/2019 by Frank Hill

Wulfpack is a fairly new German thrash band that originally formed in 2013 as The Gamps. Changing the name to the more metallic "Wulfpack", the group released a demo in 2013 aptly titled "Enter the Pack". A year later the five-track EP "Pork" was released before the band settled into the studio to create their full-length debut, "War Ain't Over!" for Violent Creek.

With new and old influences ranging from Municipal Waste, Megadeth, and Nuclear Assault, Wulfpack blends the US and German thrash scenes cohesively into a gravel-voiced moshpit. As a highlight of 2018's impressive thrash releases, we certainly hope the war ain't over for Wulfpack. This is just the beginning.

Eric Compton had an opportunity to reach out to Wulfpack's guitarist Dennis Resnjak. Check out the interview here: [Full Interview Link]

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