New Rusted Metal Column: Megadeth - Countdown to Extinction!
1/18/2019 by Frank Hill

I hit a local CD store to find more about this Megadeth act and was blown away to see so many albums. With just enough pocket money to buy a $5 or $6 used CD, the only thing in my price range was a used copy of "Countdown to Extinction". Flipping it over and seeing it was the newest, I snagged it.

If my childhood had a soundtrack it would be this album. Megadeth was MY BAND. It's hard to dispute the idea that Megadeth was on top of the mountain in 1992. The group's prior effort, 1990's 'Rust in Peace', conceived what many think to be the band's best lineup--Mustaine/Ellefson/Friedman/Menza. In 1994, that album was certified platinum. But for "Countdown to Extinction", the more focused, straight-forward thrash sound prevailed, an improvement on the group's "Rust" blueprint and a more experienced, albeit reckless, band emerged.

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