Staff Year End Awards for 2018!
1/4/2019 by Frank Hill

We've gathered up our thoughts on the hard rock/metal releases of 2018! Even if you really don't give a shit what any of our opinions are, there are so many releases put out in this age of do-it-yourself creation that you may see names you missed, older bands you forgot existed or unknowns to look up and sample.

It's all about getting the word out and supporting the music!

See what all the staff chose for the Year End here: [Full Column Link]

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· Bathory· Vehemence
· Karaboudjan· Narziß
· Commit Suicide· Kalibas
· Ring of Fire· Advent
· Carnal Forge· October 31
· Circle of Nero· Tungsten
· Byfist· Agony Divine
· Artension· Runemagick
· Kilfast· Assrockers
· Eidolon· Mnemic
· Tad Morose· Attacker
· Dew Scented· Jag Panzer
· Ebony Ark· Cans
· Bleeding Inc· David Shankle Group
· Donnerkopf· Gamma Ray
· Zaius· Cyst
· Joe Stump· Destructor
· Devil In The Kitchen· Joe Lynn Turner
· Potential Threat SF· Katagory V
· I.C.E.· Necrodemon
· Jungle Rot· House of Shakira
· Tartharia· Dark Ruin
· Six Feet Under· Acheron
· Twisted Sister· Tristania
· Napalm Death· Azrael's Bane
· Bloody Sign· The New Breed
· The Apocalyptic Riders· The Mighty Nimbus
· Corrosion Of Conformity· Belef
· Hellfueled· Kamelot
· Soilwork· Tarot
· Backyard Babies· Wolverine
· Kaamos· Oathean
· Bleed The Sky· Bruce Dickinson
· Frantic Bleep· Magica
· Lord Gore· Soul SirkUS
· Fire Alley· Ignitor
· Callenish Circle· Raintime
· Blind Stare· Graveworm
· Amorphis· Maximum Overdrive
· Subterranean Masquerade· Dark Funeral
· Nuse· Cannon
· Impaled Nazarene· Iron Maidens
· Octavia Sperati· Redemption
· V:28· Eternal Reign
· Winterfell· Barcode
· Ewigkeit· Vinterriket
· The Absence· Ghost Machinery
· Phantom X· Thrones
· Even X· Mistress
· Cryogen· Doomfoxx
· Avulsed· Urizen
· Asrai· Zero Down
· God Forbid· Vanquished
· Nocturnal Rites· End of Level Boss
· Intronaut· Scum
· Dissection· Degree Absolute
· The Ocean· The Sword
· Abysmal Dawn· Spawn of Possession
· Space Odyssey· Sahg
· The Ruins of Beverast· Zero Hour
· Anata· Enochian Crescent
· Biolich· Starkweather
· Lecherous Nocturne· Centinex
· Gaza· Warmachine
· Blood Tsunami· Southern Gentleman
· With Passion· Dream Theater
· Static-X· Crescent Shield
· Passion· Pantera
· Five Finger Death Punch· Mithras
· Katrina Johansson· Nominon
· Rob Zombie· Denial Fiend
· Wuthering Heights· The Wonderfools
· Hellveto· Spheric Universe Experience
· Distorted· Orthodox
· Gutted With Broken Glass· Rosetta
· Mortiis· Armory
· Intolerant· Bible Of The Devil
· Kiuas· Son of Eric
· Coffins· Ihsahn
· Eighteen Wheels Burning· Battleroar
· My Dying Bride· Suffocation