"The Unknown Zone": Styx' Deep Cuts!
12/21/2018 by Frank Hill

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, there was a fair level of AOR hard rock that ruled the music scene. Styx in their glory years, mixed rock guitar from the James Young/Tommy Shaw side with musical theater from Dennis DeYoung. That tension between different styles made for songs a bit different than average, but also created pressures between the musicians. They had at least three concept albums and touched in prog rock during the band early years, later moving towards commercialism.

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Cave In Mudvayne
The Haunted Vehemence
Children Of Bodom Mondo Generator
Disturbed Celestial Ode
Ring of Fire Steel Attack
Dark Moor Legend
Led Zeppelin Hammerwhore
Ion Vein Byfist
Shakra Paragon
Runemagick Evanesce
Dream Weaver Sinergy
Guardians Of Time Tad Morose
Stalker Hypocrisy
Probot Asperity
Dreamaker Three Inches of Blood
Shiva Drowning Pool
Superchrist Funerus
Jag Panzer Madison Paige
Metalium Nova Lex
Jorn U.D.O.
Marillion Cyst
Therion Insomnium
Ungodly Images of Eden
Occult Megadeth
Scavenger Chris Caffery
The Last Act Made of Iron
Angra Legion
Crowbar Motley Crue
The Mighty Nimbus Maze Of Torment
Seige of Hate Labyrinth
Yyrkoon Suidakra
Icarus Witch Angtoria
Nevermore Ravensthorn
the missing: Darkthrone
Oathean Alex Skolnick Trio
Bleed The Sky Callenish Circle
Shade Empire Hatesphere
Biss Agents Of Man
Vicious Art Dynamic Lights
Gemini 5 Iron Maidens
The Scourger Nuclear Assault
Painmuseum Loits
Redemption Pagan's Mind
Before The Dawn Violent Storm
Sun O))) Forever Slave
Crystal Ball Define Divine
Midnight Idols Torture Killer
Khold Detonation
End of Level Boss Enforsaken
Brother Hawk Mental Care Foundation
Across Tundras Blackmore's Night
Poison Nikki Puppet
Nightmare Moonspell
Hirax Bludgeon
Sun Descends Upon Infliction
Before Silence Cult of Luna
Suzukiton Space Odyssey
She Said Destroy Swashbuckle
Sahg Zero Hour
Myon Wastefall
Thy Majestie Isis
Satyricon Venom
Winger Quest of Aidance
Handful of Hate Phazm
Throne of Katarsis Madking Ludwig
Old Man's Child Incrave
Mendeed Five Finger Death Punch
Pentacle Nominon
Since the Day Aborted
Warner Drive Transmission 0
Glorior Belli Lipstick Magazine
Himsa Hellveto
Temple Of Blood Pathosray
Dantesco Rosetta
Demonic Symphony Last Stone Cast
Manilla Road SOS
Mar De Grises End of Man
Coffins Ihsahn
Nasty Idols Battleroar
Sotajumala Sister Sin