"The Unknown Zone": Styx' Deep Cuts!
12/21/2018 by Frank Hill

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, there was a fair level of AOR hard rock that ruled the music scene. Styx in their glory years, mixed rock guitar from the James Young/Tommy Shaw side with musical theater from Dennis DeYoung. That tension between different styles made for songs a bit different than average, but also created pressures between the musicians. They had at least three concept albums and touched in prog rock during the band early years, later moving towards commercialism.

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Demons and Wizards Hate Eternal
Mudvayne Children Of Bodom
Chaingunn Mondo Generator
Rebellion Deceased
Deranged Twisted Tower Dire
Norma Jean Steel Attack
Rawhead Rexx Lamb of God
Crematorium Firewind
Manowar Power of Omens
Brainstorm Circle of Nero
Godiva Artension
Wycked Synn Lanfear
Eidolon Savatage
Krisiun Fraise
Dreamaker Black Stone Cherry
Cryonic Temple Gothic Knights
Scala Mercalli Evanescence
Wolf Graveland
Disarmonia Mundi Low Earth Orbit
Velvet Revolver Jorn
Marillion Estuary
Ungodly Goatsnake
Unleashed Lilitu
Metal Church Saxon
Imp Final Dawn
Unearth Otep
Theocracy Division
Polterchrist Marshall Law
House of Shakira Within Temptation
The Last Act Ironhorse
Made of Iron Jackyl
Hanzel Und Gretyl Rush
Creed Mercenary
Feared Creation Scenteria
Rottweiller Divine Fire
Belef Loudblast
Hibria Sabaton
Samael Crimson Moonlight
Severe Torture Pure Inc
Meshuggah Fire Alley
Green Carnation Rudra
Manntis Dynamic Lights
Evemaster Horna
Supagroup Ritual Killer
Power Quest Cannon
Fates Warning Clutch
Agents Of The Sun To The Bone
Lake Of Tears Redemption
Before The Dawn Penetrator
Bolt Thrower Mabon
Spellbound Midnight Idols
Celebratum Khold
Detonation Hate
Absu End of Level Boss
Taunusheim End My Sorrow
Thryfing Sepultura
Tandjent Tris Katone
Leviathan/Sapthuran Valhalla
The Smashup Cavalar
8th Sin Bludgeon
Hate Profile Bloodbound
Fleshgore From the Grave
The Ruins of Beverast Battle Bratt
Semargl Twinball
Lesbian Bed Death Audrey Horne
Winger Demise
Celtic Frost Kotipelto
Fu Manchu Lost Eden
Onslaught Omnium Gatherum
Warbringer Mindgrinder
Textures Five Finger Death Punch
Mithras Since the Day
Aborted Lipstick Magazine
Depressed Mode Echoes of Eternity
Night Ranger Averse Sefira
Ride The Sky Cockpit
Pop Evil Witchfinder General
Kreator Souls Of We
Virgin Black Mar De Grises
Bible Of The Devil Deadsea
Wolfgate Mustasch
My Dying Bride Dark Castle