"The Unknown Zone": Styx' Deep Cuts!
12/21/2018 by Frank Hill

If you grew up in the 70s and 80s, there was a fair level of AOR hard rock that ruled the music scene. Styx in their glory years, mixed rock guitar from the James Young/Tommy Shaw side with musical theater from Dennis DeYoung. That tension between different styles made for songs a bit different than average, but also created pressures between the musicians. They had at least three concept albums and touched in prog rock during the band early years, later moving towards commercialism.

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Demons and Wizards Into Eternity
Leng Tch'e Lost Horizon
Loudness Nightwish
Slipknot Vehemence
Disturbed Perzonal War
Anthrax Cradle of Filth
December Kataklysm
Norma Jean Overkill
Queensryche Lamb of God
Ravage Metallica
Power of Omens Conquest
Hammerwhore SelfInflicted
Guardians Of Time Thunderstone
Halloween Lacuna Coil
Brides of Destruction Iron Savior
Royal Anguish Fairyland
Soil TNA
Death Angel Silver Mountain
Killik Riot
Bang The Union Leash Law
Amityville Whore David Shankle Group
Skyfire Edge Of Forever
Black Zodiac Joe Stump
Destructor Ungodly
Meliah Rage Psychotron
Final Dawn Dio
Katagory V Eternal Flight
Polterchrist Necrodemon
Conquestador Incantation
Silent Force The Lizards
Seventh One Angra
Tristania Of Infinity
Code Black Corrosion Of Conformity
Requiem Aeternam Veni Domine
Loudblast the missing:
Severe Torture Alex Skolnick Trio
Novembers Doom Omegalord
Kryoburn Thunderblast
Babylon Def Leppard
Astarte Amorphis
Testament Taake
Voyager Nuse
Gemini 5 Dam
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Frameless Scar
Nuclear Assault Bolt Thrower
Sun O))) Ignarus
Forever Slave Mabon
Vinterriket Balatonizer
Doomfoxx Avulsed
Bronx Casket Company Detonation
Beecher Early Man
Mental Care Foundation Pile of Heads
Naked Beggars Fields Of The Nephilim
Nightmare Firehouse
Boris Cryptopsy
Event Horizon Valhalla
Viron Silver Dirt
Imagika Bludgeon
The Furor Suzukiton
Paul Bonrud Skid Row
Agalloch From the Grave
Woodtemple Skyforger
Abominant The Abominable Iron Sloth
Zoroaster Escape The Fate
Extium Urkraft
Stonegard Battered
In This Moment Necrophobic
The Chronicles of Israfel Nagelfar
White Willow Divine Empire
Nominon Lipstick Magazine
David Galas Hearse
Architect Ensiferum
Frosthardr Dantesco
Alkemyst Glenn Hughes
Ost Est Ima Jesus Martyr
Pop Evil Witchfinder General
Burzum To-Mera
Kreator Souls Of We
Iron Fire UFOmammut
Papa Roach Nasty Idols
My Dying Bride Sotajumala
Earthen Grave