New "Made in Sweden" Column--Sorcery!
12/12/2018 by Frank Hill

Our "Made in Sweden" column, still in its infancy, has attempted to outline the building blocks of the Swedish Death scene. Many point to Bathory and their first two albums, 'Bathory' (1984) and 'The Return' (1985), as the early framework for the scene. Aside from Bathory, few bands had even reached a demo stage. The second-half of the 1980s were ultra-important to the formation of the scene with handfuls of bands learning instruments and putting some rough song ideas together. Sorcery were one of those early bands.

'Bloodchilling Tales' is a solid first effort with ten tracks of death metal triumph. Itwas such an important contributor to the Swedish Death metal scene. The album would later be re-released again in 1998 and 2006 by No Colours Records, in 2008 by Metal Inquisition, in 2013 by Xtreem Music and most recently by Bifrost Records in 2016. Further, the album was remixed, remastered and re-released with 'Rivers of the Dead' bonus tracks in 2013.

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Opeth Sinner
Grave Karaboudjan
Poisonblack Rebellion
Deceased Regurgitate
Impellitteri Twelfth Gate
December Machine Head
Godsmack Warhorse
Nazareth Vaginal Carnage
Rawhead Rexx Abigor
Carnal Forge Johnny Lokke
Pyn Siren The Chainsaw
Sevendust Morbid Angel
Nordheim Axenstar
Vhaldemar Pink Cream 69
Edguy Out of the Lair
Fairyland Fear Factory
Three Inches of Blood Superchrist
Madison Paige Bleeding Inc
Kingcrow Amityville Whore
Donnerkopf Jorn
U.D.O. Joe Lynn Turner
Therion Fireaxe
Chapter VIII Ungodly
Goatsnake Lilitu
Rhapsody of Fire Nashville Pussy
Theocracy I.C.E.
Jungle Rot Neurosis
Witchburner Silent Force
The Last Act Behemoth
Tsjuder Legion
Audiovision The Mighty Nimbus
Divine Fire Kings X
Seige of Hate Quiet Riot
Labyrinth Hibria
Soulscar Carbomb
Carina Alfie Angtoria
Chuck Schuldiner Crimson Moonlight
Antares God Fear None
Derek Sherinian Frantic Bleep
Drunkard Kryoburn
Ramesses Throes of Dawn
Slumber Ivory Knight
Rudra Python
Naglfar Amorphis
Secrets She Kept Monolithe
Horna Frameless Scar
Power Quest Cannon
Thor Impaled Nazarene
Sheavy Painmuseum
Future is Tomorrow Before The Dawn
Crystal Fate Vinterriket
Crystal Ball Doomfoxx
Gojira Overmars
Wolfmother Dragonlord
Khold Motorhead
Hate Absolution
Decapitated Craft
Naked Beggars Lair Of The Minotaur
Upwards of Endtime The Berzerker
Dissection Degree Absolute
Viron Silver Dirt
Cavalar Athanator
Unsilent Phenomenon Sahg
Woodtemple Burialmound
Pretty Maids Anata
Belphegor Wastefall
Cult of Daath Lupara
E-lane Better Left Unsaid
Gaza Skullflower
In This Moment Warbringer
Static-X Necrophobic
Madking Ludwig Crescent Shield
Zyklon Nagelfar
White Wizzard Pentacle
Since the Day Aborted
Denial Fiend Malevolent Creation
Nation Beyond Keldian
Mass Extinction Shining Star
Witchfinder General Virgin Black
Celestia Papa Roach
Nasty Idols Something Beautiful