"The Unknown Zone": Voivod's Deep Cuts!
9/17/2018 by Frank Hill

Without a doubt, Voivod is one of the most strangely influential metal bands of all times. Helping to merge the punk and metal scenes in the early to mid 80's, Voivod set a new standard for obscure, yet relevant, thrash metal. With the upcoming release of their fourteenth studio album, 'The Wake', Maximum Metal is welcoming Voivod to the Unknown Zone to take a look at some of their least popular songs; songs that didn't quite make the "play list" but are hidden gems that may have been overlooked.

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Demons and Wizards Hate Eternal
The Kovenant Racer X
Nightwish Steel Prophet
Children Of Bodom Dokken
Deceased Anthrax
Twisted Tower Dire Celestial Ode
Solace Godflesh
Vaginal Carnage Rawhead Rexx
Sickspeed Abigor
Johnny Lokke Hammerwhore
Endless Time Biomechanical
Thunderbolt Morbid Angel
Rob Rock Halloween
Wicked Sensation Dew Scented
Royal Anguish Neverland
Fear Factory Volbeat
Shiva Superchrist
Devil To Pay Exodus
Cans Deep Purple
Kingcrow Outworld
Amityville Whore Skyfire
Gamma Ray Nova Lex
Lonewolf Spiral Madness
Juggernott Schenker/ Pattison Summit
Insomnium Meliah Rage
Lilitu Metal Church
Psychotron Dio
Aina Unearth
Age Of Silence Necrodemon
Internal Bleeding Jamie. St. James
Dark Ruin The Project Hate
Acheron Behemoth
John Oliva's Pain Azrael's Bane
Paradise Lost Cradle To Grave
Emerald Sun Divine Fire
Dirt Labyrinth
Sabaton Tarot
Heartcry Soulscar
Apocalyptica Boomerang
Omegalord Magica
Fire Alley Kryoburn
Nightrage Hatesphere
Biss Disbelief
Raging Speedhorn Agents Of Man
Graveworm Amorphis
Vicious Art Darkane
Voyager Slik Helvetika
Gemini 5 Ritual Killer
Alice Cooper Cannon
Havochate Holy Blood
Agents Of The Sun Blitzkrieg
Scar Symmetry Future is Tomorrow
Peccatum Redemption
Dragonia Savage Circus
Damnation Balatonizer
Spellbound Doomfoxx
Ram-Zet Urizen
Midnight Idols Skullshifter
Celebratum Bronx Casket Company
Absolution End My Sorrow
Powerglove Fields Of The Nephilim
Event Horizon The Ocean
Valhalla Warrant (Amer)
Cavalar Cataract
Candlemass Sun Descends
Ensoph Vengeance
Scary Manilow Burialmound
The Abominable Iron Sloth Zoroaster
Isis Rotting Christ
Venom Panzerchrist
Melechesh Throne of Katarsis
In This Moment Crescent Shield
Merciless Death Cruachan
Marc Sasso White Wizzard
Satariel Since the Day
Trenchfoot Glorior Belli
Blut Aus Nord Cauldron
Heresi Dantesco
Averse Sefira Glenn Hughes
I Shalt Become Demonic Symphony
To-Mera Moonshine
Equilibrium Celestia
Mar De Grises Eighteen Wheels Burning
Caliban Uli Jon Roth