"The Unknown Zone": Voivod's Deep Cuts!
9/17/2018 by Frank Hill

Without a doubt, Voivod is one of the most strangely influential metal bands of all times. Helping to merge the punk and metal scenes in the early to mid 80's, Voivod set a new standard for obscure, yet relevant, thrash metal. With the upcoming release of their fourteenth studio album, 'The Wake', Maximum Metal is welcoming Voivod to the Unknown Zone to take a look at some of their least popular songs; songs that didn't quite make the "play list" but are hidden gems that may have been overlooked.

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Racer X Mudvayne
Slipknot The Great Deceiver
White Skull Twilight Odyssey
Immolation Disturbed
Anthrax December
Machine Head Skullview
Seven Witches Firewind
Power of Omens Vyndykator
Johnny Lokke Endless Time
Supervillain Iced Earth
Thunderbolt King Diamond
Beautiful Creatures Axenstar
Savatage Tad Morose
DevilDriver Fraise
Dew Scented Royal Anguish
Hard Echo Mother Misery
Volbeat Killik
Superchrist Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Evanescence Freakhouse
W.A.S.P. Icon And The Black Roses
Skyfire Zaius
Spiral Madness Fabrizio Bonanno
Unleashed Imp
Beaten Back To Pure Dark Age
Annihilator Valume Nob
Incantation Agnostic Front
Creed Kinetic
Helgrind The New Breed
Kings X Belef
Hellfueled Loudblast
Labyrinth Strikelight
Heartcry Car Bomb
Chuck Schuldiner Crimson Moonlight
Argument Soul Severe Torture
Chaoswave Oathean
Novembers Doom God Fear None
Boomerang Bleed The Sky
Operatika System Of A Down
Burden Of Grief Shade Empire
Astarte Sothis
Graveworm Naglfar
Communic Kult ov Azazel
Monolithe Dam
Killing Spree Devil Lee Rot
Impaled Nazarene Sheavy
Edenbridge Blitzkrieg
Pagan's Mind Russell Allen
Blood Thirsty Demons ASG
Overloaded Casus Belli
Barcode Shattersphere
Ewigkeit Ghost Machinery
Doomfoxx Sinocence
Zero Down Dismember
Absolution Insense
Grimfist Mental Care Foundation
Second Shadow Across Tundras
Tandjent Lair Of The Minotaur
286 Upwards of Endtime
Daylight Dies Dissection
Tris Katone Cryptopsy
Leviathan/Sapthuran The Smashup
Ampast Bal-Sagoth
Nicodemus Theater of Tragedy
Cult of Luna Jotunspor
Vengeance War Within
Belphegor Amputated
Teeth of the Hydra Twinball
Cheva Deicide
Handful of Hate Phazm
The Gathering Onslaught
Battered Mindgrinder
Madking Ludwig Incrave
Cattle Decapitation Mithras
Antigama Blut Aus Nord
David Galas Echoes of Eternity
Frosthardr Spheric Universe Experience
Alkemyst I Shalt Become
Ost Est Ima Demonic Symphony
Jesus Martyr Souls Of We
Virgin Black Trinacria
Uriah Heep UFOmammut
Battleroar Raven
Uli Jon Roth