"The Unknown Zone": Voivod's Deep Cuts!
9/17/2018 by Frank Hill

Without a doubt, Voivod is one of the most strangely influential metal bands of all times. Helping to merge the punk and metal scenes in the early to mid 80's, Voivod set a new standard for obscure, yet relevant, thrash metal. With the upcoming release of their fourteenth studio album, 'The Wake', Maximum Metal is welcoming Voivod to the Unknown Zone to take a look at some of their least popular songs; songs that didn't quite make the "play list" but are hidden gems that may have been overlooked.

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In Flames Into Eternity
Racer X Mudvayne
Scanner Steel Prophet
The Great Deceiver Exmortem
Neck Machine Head
Celestial Ode Solace
Godsmack Usurper
Steel Attack Advent
Liege Lord Ravage
Sickspeed Crematorium
God Dethroned Valley's Eve
Carnal Forge Vyndykator
October 31 H.I.M.
Brainstorm Tungsten
Evolution Black Sabbath
Shakra Catch 22
Biomechanical Wycked Synn
Victory Stryper
Guardians Of Time Axenstar
Savatage Thunderstone
Stalker Drillpoint
Edguy Slayer
Fraise Probot
Brides of Destruction Out of the Lair
Funerus Scala Mercalli
Madison Paige Wolf
Icon And The Black Roses Donnerkopf
Judas Priest Joe Stump
Therion Unleashed
Meliah Rage Final Dawn
Beaten Back To Pure Tearabyte
Division Jamie. St. James
House of Shakira Negative Creeps
Agnostic Front Blind Guardian
Mirror of Deception Cryme
John Oliva's Pain Code Black
Image Ligeia
Lost Soul Crionics
Impaled Veni Domine
Maze Of Torment Soilwork
Sabaton Soulscar
Suidakra Carina Alfie
Chaoswave Bruce Dickinson
Ignitor Ramesses
Slumber Green Carnation
Hatesphere Python
Amorphis Goddess Of Desire
Dynamic Lights Love Forsaken
Impaled Nazarene Holy Blood
Edenbridge A Lower Deep
Pagan's Mind Russell Allen
Penetrator 1349
Wolfmother Urizen
Chain Collector Zero Down
Motorhead Decapitated
Taunusheim Pile of Heads
Totalisti Across Tundras
Cannibal Corpse The Ocean
Valhalla Phoenix Mourning
The Smackdown The Smashup
Dream Or Nightmare Stormcrow
The Strongest Proof Ensoph
Azure She Said Destroy
Hydrogyn Amon Amarth
Fleshgore Woodtemple
Zero Hour Anata
Enochian Crescent Myon
Isis Twinball
Lupara Sathanas
Audrey Horne Demise
Quest of Aidance Warmachine
Blood Tsunami With Passion
Threat Signal Onslaught
Dezperadoz Nominon
Aborted Retrospective
Ulcerate JR Ewing
Faith And Fire Randy Ellefson
Night Ranger Distorted
Mass Extinction Ride The Sky
Straight Line Stitch Armory
Bullet For My Valentine DC4
Sister Sin