New "Playlists 101": Patriotic US Metal and Hard Rock Songs!
7/3/2018 by Frank Hill

The connection between patriotism and heavy metal is a firm one. Many artists and bands have not only created inspiring, patriotic tunes but also supported the country, military and personnel with countless tours and concerts paying tribute to the men and women that serve our country. With USA's July 4th "Independence Day", we take a moment to recognize some of our favorites from the metal and hard rock world.

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Anvil Bathory
HammerFall In Flames
LA Guns Racer X
Mudvayne Twilight Odyssey
Big Dumb Face Perzonal War
Grave Digger Regurgitate
Twelfth Gate Kataklysm
Solace Majesty
Advent Mortician
Cage Johnny Lokke
Goat Horn Endless Time
Agony Divine Black Sabbath
Rage Malstrom
Nordheim Sinergy
Savatage DevilDriver
Deivos Mother Misery
Superchrist Funerus
Babylon Mystery Orchestra Freakhouse
Bleeding Inc Wolf
Gary Moore Dragonspoon
De Lirium's Order Juggernott
Krokus Fireaxe
Chapter VIII Skeletonwitch
Lilitu Dream Evil
Wintersun Beaten Back To Pure
Occult Katagory V
Eternal Flight Annihilator
Scavenger Z02
Internal Bleeding House of Shakira
Incantation Twisted Sister
Fifth Cross Feared Creation
Code Black Crowbar
Rottweiller Kings X
Strikelight Tarot
Ravensthorn Wolverine
Darkthrone Samael
Crimson Moonlight Argument Soul
Kaamos Freedom Call
Novembers Doom Ramesses
Def Leppard Disbelief
Raging Speedhorn Mirador
Amorphis Brand New Sin
Unshine Circus Maximus
Dynamic Lights Voyager
Power Quest Resurrecturis
Blitzkrieg Flotsam & Jetsam
Lake Of Tears Redemption
V:28 Monster Magnet
Armored Saint Overloaded
Avenged Sevenfold Vinterriket
Phantom X Balatonizer
Dechrist Spellbound
Overmars Midnight Idols
Celebratum Khold
Beecher Brother Hawk
End My Sorrow Sepultura
Katatonia Beyond Fear
Wolves in the Throne Room Dissection
Tris Katone Event Horizon
The Smackdown Ampast
Down Factor Dream Or Nightmare
Apiary Theater of Tragedy
Gorgoroth Skid Row
Hurt Zero Hour
Setherial Obtest
The Showdown Extium
Celtic Frost Melechesh
Threat Signal Omnium Gatherum
Dream Theater Lord Belial
Merciless Death Cruachan
Nagelfar Cattle Decapitation
White Willow Satariel
Divine Empire David Galas
Throneum Keep of Kalessin
Diamond Dogs Frosthardr
Mongrel The Obsessed
Jesus Martyr Pop Evil
Vulture Industries Godhead
Celestia Sin
Caliban DC4
Earthen Grave