New "Playlists 101": Patriotic US Metal and Hard Rock Songs!
7/3/2018 by Frank Hill

The connection between patriotism and heavy metal is a firm one. Many artists and bands have not only created inspiring, patriotic tunes but also supported the country, military and personnel with countless tours and concerts paying tribute to the men and women that serve our country. With USA's July 4th "Independence Day", we take a moment to recognize some of our favorites from the metal and hard rock world.

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Cathedral Leng Tch'e
Dokken Grave Digger
Impellitteri Twisted Tower Dire
Kalibas Gun Barrel
Godflesh Advent
Iron Maiden Abigor
October 31 H.I.M.
The Chainsaw Shakra
Inner Rage of Emotion The Graveyard Boulevard
Morbid Angel Rage
Malstrom Thunderstone
Brides of Destruction Fairyland
I Hate Sally Yngwie Malmsteen
Cryonic Temple Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Epica Velvet Revolver
Ministry Joe Stump
Krokus Mob Rules
Joey Belladonna Lilitu
Killswitch Engage Images of Eden
Dio Occult
Tearabyte Lullacry
Scavenger Polterchrist
Jungle Rot Jamie. St. James
Six Feet Under The Project Hate
Arch Enemy Within Temptation
Acheron Agnostic Front
Blind Guardian Angra
Rush Twisted Sister
Sonata Arctica Of Infinity
Crowbar Bloody Sign
Audiovision Rottweiller
The Apocalyptic Riders The Mighty Nimbus
Belef Maze Of Torment
Seige of Hate Sabaton
Ravensthorn Chuck Schuldiner
the missing: Marduk
Severe Torture Chaoswave
Oathean Novembers Doom
Frantic Bleep Chastain
Holy Moses Ignitor
Gizmachi Sinisthra
Throes of Dawn Ivory Knight
Blind Stare Agents Of Man
Python Amorphis
Vicious Art Slough Feg
Subterranean Masquerade Testament
Sentenced Unshine
Prowler Inc. Frameless Scar
Thor Widow
Wetwork To The Bone
Mercyful Fate Redemption
Pagan's Mind Orphaned Land
Armored Saint Bolt Thrower
Sun O))) 1349
Phantom X Even X
Crystal Ball Avulsed
Chain Collector Celebratum
Khold Virgin Steele
Craft Witchery
Sepultura Intronaut
Ephel Duath Codeon
286 Dissection
Firehouse Pyramaze
Candlemass The Furor
TK-421 Royal Hunt
Michael Orlando Cult of Luna
Azure Hydrogyn
Amon Amarth Scary Manilow
Skid Row Time Requiem
Burialmound I
Anata Mastodon
Satyricon Twinball
Venom Darkness Eternal
Warbringer Crescent Shield
Cattle Decapitation The Prophecy
Spit Like This Katrina Johansson
Wuthering Heights Throneum
Funeral Himsa
Depressed Mode Heresi
I Shalt Become Ride The Sky
Demonic Symphony Jesus Martyr
Pop Evil Straight Line Stitch
Puscifer Godhead
Intolerant Medieval Steel
Bible Of The Devil Deadsea
Place Of Skulls Mustasch
Uli Jon Roth Suspyre