New Humor: Lyric Replacement Parody Game--Iron Maiden's "The Trooper"!
6/29/2018 by Frank Hill

In our younger days, we used to do the word replacement game "MadLibs". Just for fun, we took the well-known song "The Trooper" and set it up so *you* can create new lyrics for it! It's pretty stupid, but stupid is as stupid does!

Try it out here: [Full Humor Link]

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Racer X Loudness
Scanner Slipknot
The Great Deceiver Vicious Mary
Chaingunn Poisonblack
Deceased Neck
Deranged Commit Suicide
Kalibas Queensryche
Mark Boals Ring of Fire
Vaginal Carnage Widowmaker
Valley's Eve Black Label Society
Carnal Forge Led Zeppelin
Tungsten Evolution
Crystal Eyes Axenstar
Thunderstone Pink Cream 69
Pharaoh Probot
Dew Scented Fairyland
Three Inches of Blood Force Of Evil
I Hate Sally Yngwie Malmsteen
Killik Construcdead
Scala Mercalli Jag Panzer
Babylon Mystery Orchestra downBleed
Leash Law Madison Paige
Kingcrow Amityville Whore
Low Earth Orbit Velvet Revolver
Marillion Vox Tempus
Imp Aina
Lullacry Marshall Law
Conquestador The Project Hate
Agnostic Front Jackyl
Karmakanic Of Infinity
Cradle To Grave Rottweiller
Divine Fire Crionics
Soulscar Carbomb
Desire Black Samael
Crimson Moonlight Argument Soul
Oathean Novembers Doom
Pure Inc Omegalord
Meshuggah Drunkard
Holy Moses Operatika
Thunderblast Impiety
Throes of Dawn Shade Empire
Biss Defleshed
Blind Stare Raging Speedhorn
Vicious Art Maximum Overdrive
Brand New Sin Sentenced
Taake Prowler Inc.
Supagroup Cannon
Love Forsaken Sheavy
Lake Of Tears Peccatum
Illuminatus Russell Allen
Blood Thirsty Demons Sun O)))
Dechrist Crystal Ball
Infliction Bronx Casket Company
Zero Down God Forbid
Dogs Of Winter Vanquished
Absolution End of Level Boss
Grimfist Naked Beggars
Poison 286
Upwards of Endtime Thyrane
Fields Of The Nephilim Cryptopsy
Valhalla Manngard
The Smackdown Warrant (Amer)
Candlemass The Furor
Theater of Tragedy Michael Orlando
Azure She Said Destroy
Shadows Within Burialmound
Setherial Belphegor
Teeth of the Hydra Biolich
Audrey Horne Winger
Middian Quest of Aidance
Urkraft Skullflower
Warmachine Fu Manchu
Stonegard Threat Signal
Battered Terry Sullivan
The Chronicles of Israfel Madking Ludwig
Passion Katrina Johansson
Manes Glorior Belli
Ulcerate Funeral
Cauldron Distorted
Glenn Hughes Bilocate
Father Befouled Demonic Symphony
Last Stone Cast Medieval Steel
Cursed Nasty Idols
Uli Jon Roth Giant Squid