New Humor: Lyric Replacement Parody Game--Iron Maiden's "The Trooper"!
6/29/2018 by Frank Hill

In our younger days, we used to do the word replacement game "MadLibs". Just for fun, we took the well-known song "The Trooper" and set it up so *you* can create new lyrics for it! It's pretty stupid, but stupid is as stupid does!

Try it out here: [Full Humor Link]

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In Flames Loudness
Sinner Solemnity
Rebellion Twelfth Gate
Machine Head Queensryche
Seether Iron Maiden
Rawhead Rexx Lamb of God
Liege Lord Ravage
Brainstorm Evolution
Black Sabbath Saint
Inner Rage of Emotion Biomechanical
Fireball Ministry Dream Weaver
Crystal Eyes Duke
Tad Morose Thunderstone
Drillpoint Lacuna Coil
Dew Scented Royal Anguish
Dreamaker Fear Factory
Force Of Evil Death Angel
I Hate Sally Yngwie Malmsteen
Drowning Pool Funerus
Exodus downBleed
UFO Messiah's Kiss
David Shankle Group Skyfire
Gamma Ray Highlord
Velvet Revolver Jorn
Ministry Black Zodiac
Cyst Schenker/ Pattison Summit
Devil In The Kitchen Krokus
Skeletonwitch Dream Evil
Final Dawn Beaten Back To Pure
Theocracy Eternal Flight
Age Of Silence Tartharia
Haunted By Angels Within Temptation
Made of Iron Dark Tranquillity
Helgrind Miles Beyond
Kings X Lost Soul
Impaled Dirt
Quiet Riot Sabaton
Hellfire Oathean
Blind Stare Horna
Power Quest Alice Cooper
Impaled Nazarene Sheavy
Holy Blood Morgana Lefay
Edenbridge The Scourger
Before The Dawn Russell Allen
Violent Storm Overloaded
Casus Belli The Firstborn
Paths Of Possession Balatonizer
Akercocke Overmars
Wolfmother Chain Collector
Mastermind Detonation
Hate Beecher
Insense Craft
Fallen Wisdom Naked Beggars
The Berzerker Degree Absolute
Viron Vore
Imagika Cavalar
Abysmal Dawn Ensoph
Black Crucifixion Royal Hunt
Spawn of Possession Dendura
Vicious Rumors Skyforger
The Ruins of Beverast Zero Hour
Abominant Anata
Myon Zoroaster
Twinball Obtest
Escape The Fate Cheva
Darkness Eternal Celtic Frost
Kotipelto Centinex
Skullflower Twisted Into Form
Battered Warbringer
Manticore Blood of the Black Owl
Textures Gotthard
Katrina Johansson Rob Zombie
Antigama Manes
Wuthering Heights Blut Aus Nord
Throneum JR Ewing
Pathosray Spheric Universe Experience
I Shalt Become Ride The Sky
Cockpit Gutted With Broken Glass
Ost Est Ima Demonic Symphony
The Obsessed Embalming Theatre
Alestorm Cursed
Faded Hope Eighteen Wheels Burning