New "Playlists 101": 10 Songs about UFOs, Aliens and Men in Black
6/22/2018 by Frank Hill

Heavy metal has always possessed a penchant for supernatural, science-fiction and fringe science. 1947's supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico set off a hotbed of sightings, interest and panic across the country. Over the years, NASA has discovered the real possibilities of historic life on Mars and continues to develop new and exciting ways for us to reach far galaxies outside of our own. Pop culture has provided plenty of visual media in film and television, but music--especially heavy metal--has its own share of extraterrestrial fascination.

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Into Eternity Racer X
Scanner Dokken
Solemnity Twelfth Gate
Gun Barrel Warhorse
Agoraphobic Nosebleed Liege Lord
Manowar Power of Omens
H.I.M. Exawatt
Endless Time Nicta
Catch 22 Sevendust
Artension Stryper
Mnemic Tad Morose
Edguy Deivos
Doro Mother Misery
I Hate Sally Funerus
Leash Law Messiah's Kiss
Deep Purple Donnerkopf
Edge Of Forever Highlord
Iron Angel Schenker/ Pattison Summit
Krokus Ungodly
Unleashed Dio
Wintersun Potential Threat SF
Theocracy Eternal Flight
Scavenger Age Of Silence
Neurosis Tartharia
Throcult Incantation
The Lizards Acheron
Negative Creeps Overlorde
Blind Guardian Anger
Angra Avenue F
Cryme Milkweed
Kinetic Bloody Sign
Cradle To Grave Audiovision
Divine Fire Dirt
Astral Doors Sabaton
Angtoria Oathean
Debris Inc. Kinrick
Operatika Ignitor
Gizmachi Babylon
Burden Of Grief Disbelief
Naglfar Brand New Sin
Slough Feg Circus Maximus
Voyager Nuse
Slik Helvetika Horna
The Father Panic Riot Orchestra Alice Cooper
Devil Lee Rot Resurrecturis
Edenbridge Blitzkrieg
Black Majesty Pagan's Mind
Twilight Savage Circus
Damnation Balatonizer
Cryogen Doomfoxx
Infliction Mastermind
The Tenth Circle Motorhead
Virgin Steele Hate
Brother Hawk Pile of Heads
Thryfing Tandjent
Scum Tris Katone
Pyramaze Hirax
The Furor The Strongest Proof
TK-421 Theater of Tragedy
Gorgoroth Jotunspor
Smohalla Azure
Dendura Amon Amarth
Sahg Shadows Within
Vicious Rumors Woodtemple
Anata Amputated
Satyricon Twinball
Lupara Obtest
Audrey Horne Winger
Gaza Warmachine
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Threat Signal
Terry Sullivan Dream Theater
Dezperadoz White Willow
Denial Fiend Wuthering Heights
Malevolent Creation David Galas
Depressed Mode Temple Of Blood
Ensiferum Dantesco
Glenn Hughes Demonic Symphony
Puscifer Trinacria
Bible Of The Devil Iron Fire
Son of Eric Nasty Idols
Something Beautiful Sotajumala
Dark Castle