New "Playlists 101": 10 Songs about UFOs, Aliens and Men in Black
6/22/2018 by Frank Hill

Heavy metal has always possessed a penchant for supernatural, science-fiction and fringe science. 1947's supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico set off a hotbed of sightings, interest and panic across the country. Over the years, NASA has discovered the real possibilities of historic life on Mars and continues to develop new and exciting ways for us to reach far galaxies outside of our own. Pop culture has provided plenty of visual media in film and television, but music--especially heavy metal--has its own share of extraterrestrial fascination.

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· Cathedral· Hate Eternal
· In Flames· The Kovenant
· Racer X· Vehemence
· Narziß· Mark Boals
· Ring of Fire· Widowmaker
· Sickspeed· Abigor
· Cage· Johnny Lokke
· Hammerwhore· Goat Horn
· Nicta· Wycked Synn
· Kilfast· Stryper
· Duke· Halloween
· Fraise· Defiled
· Asperity· Dew Scented
· Three Inches of Blood· Force Of Evil
· Killik· Ebony Ark
· UFO· Madison Paige
· Bleeding Inc· Graveland
· Metalium· Velvet Revolver
· Iron Angel· Brutal Mastication
· Estuary· Krokus
· Chapter VIII· Joey Belladonna
· Metal Church· Shadows Fall
· Beaten Back To Pure· Tearabyte
· Scavenger· Age Of Silence
· Neurosis· Mine
· Arch Enemy· Haunted By Angels
· Tsjuder· Karmakanic
· Twisted Sister· Dark Tranquillity
· John Oliva's Pain· Fifth Cross
· Of Infinity· Cradle To Grave
· Audiovision· Crionics
· Soilwork· Korpiklaani
· Shatterpoint· Yyrkoon
· Vicious Circle· Desire Black
· Carina Alfie· Wolverine
· the missing:· Cemetary
· Marduk· Severe Torture
· Freedom Call· Omegalord
· Axel Rudi Pell· Debris Inc.
· Kryoburn· Operatika
· Gizmachi· Ramesses
· Sinisthra· Throes of Dawn
· Groundcrew· Rudra
· Python· God Among Insects
· Subterranean Masquerade· Unchained
· Evemaster· Horna
· Leaves Eyes· Ritual Killer
· Killing Spree· Frameless Scar
· Thor· Impaled Nazarene
· Clutch· Future is Tomorrow
· V:28· Illuminatus
· Violent Storm· Penetrator
· Third Degree· Mabon
· Algol3· Running Wild
· Paths Of Possession· Damnation
· Balatonizer· Akercocke
· Wolfmother· Avulsed
· Dragonlord· Nocturnal Rites
· Vader· End of Level Boss
· From This Day· Brother Hawk
· Across Tundras· Fields Of The Nephilim
· Steep· Firehouse
· Warrant (Amer)· Bal-Sagoth
· Athanator· Cataract
· The Sword· Michael Orlando
· Cult of Luna· Dendura
· Nachtmystium· I
· Skyforger· Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
· Thy Majestie· Mastodon
· Biolich· Lesbian Bed Death
· Lordi· Audrey Horne
· Demise· Middian
· Twisted Into Form· Warmachine
· With Passion· Onslaught
· Warbringer· Nagelfar
· Marc Sasso· Satariel
· Trouble· Five Finger Death Punch
· Glorior Belli· Keldian
· Mass Extinction· Averse Sefira
· Rosetta· Mortiis
· Aetherius Obscuritas· Pop Evil
· Straight Line Stitch· Vulture Industries
· Equilibrium· Bullet For My Valentine
· Alestorm· Coffins