New "Playlists 101": 10 Songs about UFOs, Aliens and Men in Black
6/22/2018 by Frank Hill

Heavy metal has always possessed a penchant for supernatural, science-fiction and fringe science. 1947's supposed UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico set off a hotbed of sightings, interest and panic across the country. Over the years, NASA has discovered the real possibilities of historic life on Mars and continues to develop new and exciting ways for us to reach far galaxies outside of our own. Pop culture has provided plenty of visual media in film and television, but music--especially heavy metal--has its own share of extraterrestrial fascination.

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In Flames Vehemence
Chaingunn Poisonblack
Anthrax Kalibas
Circle II Circle Mark Boals
Lamb of God Mortician
Ravage Dark Moor
Firewind Black Label Society
Cage Tungsten
Saint Iced Earth
Bloodbath Morbid Angel
Runemagick Rob Rock
Duke Eidolon
Mnemic Murdercycle
Krisiun Wicked Sensation
Iron Savior Death Angel
Gothic Knights Construcdead
Exodus Ebony Ark
UFO Leash Law
Kingcrow Amityville Whore
Icon And The Black Roses Iron Angel
Spiral Madness Dimmu Borgir
Acrid Fireaxe
Skeletonwitch Katagory V
Z02 Marshall Law
Necrodemon Tartharia
Throcult Mine
Six Feet Under Haunted By Angels
Agnostic Front Behemoth
Karmakanic Fifth Cross
Paradise Lost Cradle To Grave
Blood Red Throne Veni Domine
Carina Alfie Cemetary
Novembers Doom Omegalord
Bruce Dickinson Axel Rudi Pell
Gizmachi Callenish Circle
Maximum Overdrive Sentenced
Gemini 5 Gaia
Killing Spree Thor
Wetwork V:28
The Atomic Bitchwax Eternal Reign
Dirty Americans Casus Belli
Savage Circus Dreamland
Ram-Zet Infliction
Define Divine Skullshifter
Dogs Of Winter Gorefest
Detonation Motorhead
Decapitated Vader
Brother Hawk Fallen Wisdom
Totalisti Witchery
Blackmore's Night Upwards of Endtime
Thyrane Hell-Born
Steep Degree Absolute
Leviathan/Sapthuran Moonspell
Nicodemus 8th Sin
Bludgeon The Furor
Suzukiton Vengeance
Bloodbound Scary Manilow
Time Requiem Fleshgore
Woodtemple The Ruins of Beverast
Pump Thy Majestie
Eyes of Ligeia Twinball
Biolich Escape The Fate
Middian Celtic Frost
Gaza Phazm
Stonegard Onslaught
Omnium Gatherum Throne of Katarsis
Dream Theater Manticore
Necrophobic The Chronicles of Israfel
Old Man's Child Grenouer
Incrave Cattle Decapitation
White Wizzard Trouble
Spit Like This Retrospective
David Galas Pathology
Rosetta Mortiis
The Obsessed Blood Haven
SOS Celestia
Deadsea Papa Roach
Coffins Sotajumala
Giant Squid Suspyre
Dark Castle Earthen Grave