"The Unknown Zone": Queensr˙che's Deep Cuts!
6/15/2018 by Frank Hill

Queensr˙che is an American heavy metal band that formed in 1982 in Bellevue, Washington, USA. The original lineup consisted of Michael Wilton, guitarist Chris DeGarmo, drummer Scott Rockenfield, bassist Eddie Jackson, and lead vocalist Geoff Tate. They found critical success with the concept album 'Operation: Mindcrime' and reached further commercial heights with 'Empire'. Even though the original line-up isn't intact, we still love some 'Ryche here at Maximum Metal and chose them for our latest look into the lesser known songs of a band's discography.

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· The Chainsaw· Circle of Nero
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· Sludge!· Windseeker
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· Gothic Knights· Jag Panzer
· Cans· Graveland
· David Shankle Group· Van Helsing’s Curse
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· Fireaxe· Saxon
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· Throcult· Arch Enemy
· Overlorde· The 7 Method
· Betrayer· John Oliva's Pain
· Mercenary· Milkweed
· Kinetic· Helgrind
· Rottweiller· Loudblast
· Maze Of Torment· Quiet Riot
· Necrophagia· Samael
· Bleed The Sky· Holy Moses
· Operatika· Neil Turbin
· Raintime· Fastkill
· Babylon· Raging Speedhorn
· Astarte· Agents Of Man
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· Impaled Nazarene· Blitzkrieg
· Flotsam & Jetsam· Mercyful Fate
· Pagan's Mind· Before The Dawn
· Dirty Americans· Mabon
· Savage Circus· Phantom X
· Balatonizer· Doomfoxx
· Infliction· Avulsed
· Chain Collector· Skullshifter
· The Tenth Circle· Machina
· Vader· Taunusheim
· Insense· Second Shadow
· Cardinale· Ephel Duath
· Codeon· Upwards of Endtime
· Phoenix Mourning· Silver Dirt
· Candlemass· Speed/Kill/Hate
· The Furor· The Strongest Proof
· TK-421· Apiary
· Ensoph· Michael Orlando
· Before Silence· Paul Bonrud
· Amon Amarth· Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers
· Anata· Myon
· Isis· Lupara
· Venom· Panzerchrist
· Demise· Extium
· Quest of Aidance· Gaza
· Twisted Into Form· Blood Tsunami
· Necrophobic· Merciless Death
· Marc Sasso· Chrome Division
· Spit Like This· Rob Zombie
· Funeral· Hellveto
· Temple Of Blood· Mortiis
· Ost Est Ima· The Obsessed
· Blood Haven· Vulture Industries
· Hacksaw Surgery· Deadsea
· End of Man· Place Of Skulls
· Luna Mortis· Suffocation