"The Unknown Zone": Queensr˙che's Deep Cuts!
6/15/2018 by Frank Hill

Queensr˙che is an American heavy metal band that formed in 1982 in Bellevue, Washington, USA. The original lineup consisted of Michael Wilton, guitarist Chris DeGarmo, drummer Scott Rockenfield, bassist Eddie Jackson, and lead vocalist Geoff Tate. They found critical success with the concept album 'Operation: Mindcrime' and reached further commercial heights with 'Empire'. Even though the original line-up isn't intact, we still love some 'Ryche here at Maximum Metal and chose them for our latest look into the lesser known songs of a band's discography.

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· Anvil· Chaingunn
· Deranged· Usurper
· Vaginal Carnage· Legend
· Masterplan· Manowar
· Abigor· Late Nite Romeo
· Hammerwhore· Evolution
· Exawatt· Iced Earth
· Sevendust· Thunderbolt
· The Graveyard Boulevard· Kilfast
· Victory· Assrockers
· Dream Weaver· Eidolon
· Silent Scythe· Krisiun
· Primal Fear· DevilDriver
· Deivos· Three Inches of Blood
· TNA· Node
· I Hate Sally· Cans
· Epica· Gamma Ray
· Velvet Revolver· House of Lords
· Schenker/ Pattison Summit· Destructor
· Ungodly· Scorpions
· Rhapsody of Fire· Psychotron
· Katagory V· Marshall Law
· Anger· Cryme
· Dark Tranquillity· Sonata Arctica
· Fifth Cross· Kinetic
· Gods Of Fire· Ligeia
· Entombed· Miles Beyond
· Requiem Aeternam· Veni Domine
· Labyrinth· Astral Doors
· Backyard Babies· Pure Inc
· Omegalord· Meshuggah
· Axel Rudi Pell· Strapping Young Lad
· Gizmachi· Babylon
· Maximum Overdrive· Slough Feg
· Subterranean Masquerade· Unchained
· Slik Helvetika· Prowler Inc.
· Power Quest· Widow
· Wetwork· Havochate
· Painmuseum· To The Bone
· Future is Tomorrow· Lake Of Tears
· V:28· Black Majesty
· Pagan's Mind· Blood Thirsty Demons
· Penetrator· Barcode
· Thrones· Vile
· Avulsed· Zero Down
· Virgin Steele· Hate
· Absu· Vader
· End of Level Boss· Mental Care Foundation
· Cannibal Corpse· Thyrane
· Manngard· The Smackdown
· The Smashup· Warrant (Amer)
· Ampast· Elvenking
· Bludgeon· Dreams of Damnation
· Stormcrow· The Furor
· TK-421· Michael Orlando
· Unsilent Phenomenon· Destruction
· She Said Destroy· Hydrogyn
· Dendura· Nachtmystium
· Agalloch· Wednesday 13
· Zero Hour· Pretty Maids
· Oblomov· Lordi
· Cheva· Darkness Eternal
· Lecherous Nocturne· Lost Eden
· Omnium Gatherum· Manticore
· Mindgrinder· Necrophobic
· The Chronicles of Israfel· Dezperadoz
· Passion· Pantera
· Rob Zombie· Since the Day
· Retrospective· Glorior Belli
· Fight· Faith And Fire
· Hellveto· Ensiferum
· Pathosray· Alkemyst
· I Shalt Become· Father Befouled
· Jesus Martyr· Trivium
· Burzum· SOS
· Puscifer· Kreator
· Intolerant· Medieval Steel
· Alestorm· Deadsea
· Something Beautiful· Mustasch
· Dark Castle