New Column "Playlists 101": 10 Songs that Make Me Want to Drive Fast
6/1/2018 by Frank Hill

"It's no secret that metal is fast, loud and adrenaline producing music. I'm sure all of us have been behind the wheel at some point or another blasting our latest purchase, only to look up and see those flashing red and blue lights behind us or noticing that our mph has just crept up over 100. That being said, I compiled a list of personal songs that I could easily break the speed barrier to." --Greg Watson

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· Anvil· Hate Eternal
· Loudness· Sinner
· White Skull· Twilight Odyssey
· BloodDuster· Poisonblack
· Dokken· Exmortem
· December· Deranged
· Machine Head· Steel Attack
· Mortician· Liege Lord
· Ravage· Firewind
· Manowar· Metallica
· Brainstorm· Tungsten
· Victory· Dream Weaver
· Malstrom· Rob Rock
· Halloween· Murdercycle
· Out of the Lair· Dew Scented
· Hard Echo· Silver Mountain
· Killik· Superchrist
· Gothic Knights· Celesty
· Babylon Mystery Orchestra· Deep Purple
· Wolf· Amityville Whore
· David Shankle Group· Skyfire
· Van Helsing’s Curse· Highlord
· U.D.O.· Marillion
· Judas Priest· Brutal Mastication
· Joe Stump· Fabrizio Bonanno
· Schenker/ Pattison Summit· Goatsnake
· Meliah Rage· Metal Church
· Wintersun· Unearth
· Nashville Pussy· Megadeth
· I.C.E.· Polterchrist
· Chris Caffery· Arch Enemy
· Incantation· Made of Iron
· Behemoth· Avenue F
· Fifth Cross· Of Infinity
· Gods Of Fire· The New Breed
· Entombed· Corrosion Of Conformity
· Crionics· Dirt
· Korpiklaani· Vicious Circle
· Hellfire· Suidakra
· Carina Alfie· Angtoria
· Mystic Prophecy· Bleed The Sky
· Bruce Dickinson· Frantic Bleep
· Swallow The Sun· Ignitor
· Fastkill· Raging Speedhorn
· Python· Vicious Art
· Ektomorf· Subterranean Masquerade
· Testament· Taake
· Dynamic Lights· Wetwork
· Scar Symmetry· Flotsam & Jetsam
· To The Bone· Ignarus
· Casus Belli· Barcode
· Phantom X· Damnation
· Balatonizer· Thrones
· Cryogen· Asrai
· God Forbid· Brother Hawk
· Southern Black Sand· Naked Beggars
· Nightmare· Degree Absolute
· Viron· Apiary
· Non-Human Level· Black Crucifixion
· Amon Amarth· Mouth of the Architect
· Burialmound· Skyforger
· Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers· Belphegor
· The Finals· Rotting Christ
· Lesbian Bed Death· Sathanas
· Kotipelto· Lecherous Nocturne
· Twisted Into Form· Mindgrinder
· Necrophobic· Crescent Shield
· Merciless Death· Incrave
· Mithras· Spit Like This
· Antigama· Glorior Belli
· Malevolent Creation· Throneum
· Funeral· Faith And Fire
· Randy Ellefson· Sworn Enemy
· Architect· Keep of Kalessin
· Cauldron· Night Ranger
· Mass Extinction· Burzum
· Puscifer· Moonshine
· Embalming Theatre· Souls Of We
· Iron Fire· Son of Eric
· End of Man· Place Of Skulls
· Nasty Idols· Battleroar
· Sotajumala· Uli Jon Roth
· Giant Squid· Suspyre
· Sister Sin