New Column "Playlists 101": 10 Songs that Make Me Want to Drive Fast
6/1/2018 by Frank Hill

"It's no secret that metal is fast, loud and adrenaline producing music. I'm sure all of us have been behind the wheel at some point or another blasting our latest purchase, only to look up and see those flashing red and blue lights behind us or noticing that our mph has just crept up over 100. That being said, I compiled a list of personal songs that I could easily break the speed barrier to." --Greg Watson

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HammerFall Nightwish
Grave Children Of Bodom
Twilight Odyssey Big Dumb Face
Poisonblack Exmortem
Symphorce Kataklysm
Godflesh Vaginal Carnage
Iron Maiden Lamb of God
Mortician Legend
Metallica Angel Dust
Powergod Carnal Forge
Pelican The Chainsaw
Supervillain Sevendust
Thunderbolt Chainsnap
The Graveyard Boulevard Morbid Angel
Victory Rob Rock
Guardians Of Time Savatage
Vhaldemar Attacker
Slayer Defiled
Body Count Dreamaker
Force Of Evil Shiva
Killik Devil To Pay
Funerus Bang The Union
Leash Law Deep Purple
Gamma Ray Velvet Revolver
Gary Moore Zaius
Brutal Mastication Dimmu Borgir
Insomnium Bonfire
Killswitch Engage Images of Eden
Dio Nashville Pussy
Katagory V Age Of Silence
Z02 Slowlife
Ironhorse Seventh One
Avenue F Rush
Twisted Sister Fifth Cross
Helgrind Image
Entombed Blood Red Throne
Necrophagia Labyrinth
Yyrkoon Hellfire
Mechanical Poet Soulscar
Suidakra Carina Alfie
Wolverine Diecast
Marduk Freedom Call
Omegalord Meshuggah
Debris Inc. Operatika
Sinisthra Embraze
Defleshed Python
Naglfar God Among Insects
Communic Subterranean Masquerade
Dynamic Lights Prowler Inc.
Wetwork The Scourger
Warchild Nuclear Assault
Loits Peccatum
Black Majesty Russell Allen
Penetrator Shattersphere
Running Wild Paths Of Possession
Dreamland The Classic Struggle
Zero Down God Forbid
Khold Detonation
Vanquished Vader
Craft End My Sorrow
Second Shadow Thryfing
Wolves in the Throne Room Daylight Dies
Leviathan/Sapthuran Viron
Vreid The Furor
Jotunspor Skid Row
Time Requiem From the Grave
Mouth of the Architect Vicious Rumors
Pump Myon
Rotting Christ Better Left Unsaid
Blood Tsunami Hardcore Superstar
Nagelfar Satariel
Trouble Divine Empire
Warner Drive Retrospective
Glorior Belli Sworn Enemy
Himsa Echoes of Eternity
Hell N' Diesel Diamond Dogs
Spheric Universe Experience Night Ranger
Averse Sefira Rosetta
Mortiis The Obsessed
Manilla Road Deadsea
Cursed Sotajumala
Uli Jon Roth Sister Sin