New Interview with Josh Schwartz of A Sound of Thunder!
5/21/2018 by Frank Hill

A Sound of Thunder have been pulverizing the DC area/East Coast of the USA for a decade with their blend of classic heavy metal, progressive, and rock music.

Maximum Metal talked with guitarist Josh Schwartz about the band's latest project, the graphic novel companion for their soon-to-be released 'It Was Metal' album. The 80 page book includes a short story based on each song, and features artwork and stories by well-known, professional artists and writers from the industry's biggest names--Marvel Comics, DC Comics, and Valiant Entertainment!

Read our newest interview here: [Full Interview Link]

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Cathedral Cave In
Racer X Steel Prophet
Solemnity Deceased
Twelfth Gate Lamb of God
Liege Lord Metallica
Abigor Cage
Johnny Lokke H.I.M.
Endless Time Agony Divine
Saint Inner Rage of Emotion
Dragonforce Sevendust
Chainsnap Mourning Beloveth
Assrockers Dream Weaver
Sinergy Duke
Vhaldemar Halloween
Slayer Defiled
Probot Out of the Lair
Node Ebony Ark
Bang The Union downBleed
Cans David Shankle Group
Jorn House of Lords
De Lirium's Order Feinstein
Insomnium Goatsnake
Scorpions Rhapsody of Fire
Potential Threat SF Aina
Medusa Annihilator
Age Of Silence Polterchrist
Chris Caffery Necrodemon
Slowlife Neurosis
The Last Act Ironhorse
John Oliva's Pain Azrael's Bane
Kinetic The Mighty Nimbus
Belef Requiem Aeternam
Loudblast Soilwork
Hellfire Diecast
Kaamos Oathean
Drunkard Lord Gore
Soul SirkUS Thunderblast
Ramesses Babylon
Throes of Dawn Raging Speedhorn
Sothis Kult ov Azazel
Circus Maximus Taake
Secrets She Kept Horna
Leaves Eyes Dam
Killing Spree Frameless Scar
Clutch Flotsam & Jetsam
Octavia Sperati Lake Of Tears
Redemption Black Majesty
Dirty Americans ASG
Damnation Thrones
Mistress Spellbound
Overmars Infliction
Wolfmother Sinocence
Motorhead Vanquished
Hate Absu
Machina Early Man
Fallen Wisdom Totalisti
Ephel Duath Codeon
286 Tris Katone
Clawfinger Valhalla
Silver Dirt The Smashup
Bal-Sagoth Nicodemus
The Strongest Proof Black Crucifixion
Scary Manilow Agalloch
Pump The Showdown
Extium Urkraft
Phazm Stonegard
Diagnose: Lebensgefahr Southern Gentleman
Mindgrinder Crescent Shield
Merciless Death Rob Zombie
David Galas Funeral
Architect Himsa
Hellveto Hell N' Diesel
Heresi Night Ranger
Alkemyst Averse Sefira
40 Below Summer Gutted With Broken Glass
Rosetta Jesus Martyr
To-Mera Godhead
Trinacria Bullet For My Valentine
Celestia Sin
UFOmammut Faded Hope
Wolfgate Nasty Idols
Caliban DC4