New Column "The Unknown Zone": Black Sabbath's Deep Cuts
5/4/2018 by Frank Hill

Many metalheads are a bit shaky on what happened with the mighty band throughout the last 30 years, so we went a little deeper into the Sabbath catalog and pulled out our favorite tracks, with the extra caveat--no songs by Ozzy or Dio.

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Demons and Wizards Sinner
The Haunted Machine Head
Celestial Ode Iron Maiden
Cage Led Zeppelin
Evolution Exawatt
Fireball Ministry Runemagick
Rage King Diamond
Dream Weaver Crystal Eyes
Tad Morose Halloween
Fraise Wicked Sensation
Lacuna Coil Project: Failing Flesh
Tesla Force Of Evil
Shiva Black Stone Cherry
Leash Law Madison Paige
Outworld Icon And The Black Roses
U.D.O. Marillion
Brutal Mastication Fabrizio Bonanno
Destructor Chapter VIII
Bonfire Metal Church
Rhapsody of Fire Shadows Fall
Wintersun Unearth
Otep Annihilator
Witchburner Within Temptation
Silent Force Acheron
Avenue F Legion
Milkweed Kinetic
Bloody Sign Rottweiller
Miles Beyond Lost Soul
Impaled Maze Of Torment
Soilwork Astral Doors
Yyrkoon Heartcry
Hellfire Soulscar
Marduk Omegalord
Bruce Dickinson Magica
Lord Gore Soul SirkUS
Swallow The Sun System Of A Down
Biss Agents Of Man
Mirador Darkane
Voyager Widow
Resurrecturis Wetwork
Holy Blood Iron Maidens
Scar Symmetry A Lower Deep
Loits Russell Allen
Dirty Americans Overloaded
Sun O))) Algol3
Avenged Sevenfold Thrones
Crystal Ball Infliction
Midnight Idols Dragonlord
Decapitated Early Man
Sodom Grimfist
Second Shadow Tandjent
Blackmore's Night Ephel Duath
Lair Of The Minotaur Daylight Dies
Scum Tris Katone
Boris Cryptopsy
Warrant (Amer) Ampast
Cataract Candlemass
Non-Human Level Black Crucifixion
Azure She Said Destroy
Hydrogyn War Within
Scary Manilow I
Hurt Zero Hour
Setherial The Finals
Thy Majestie Escape The Fate
Panzerchrist Starkweather
Lecherous Nocturne Steve Cone
Phazm Diagnose: Lebensgefahr
Warbringer Mindgrinder
Pantera Spit Like This
Antigama Denial Fiend
Warner Drive Fight
Hellveto Hell N' Diesel
Keldian Alkemyst
Averse Sefira Ride The Sky
Cockpit Pop Evil
To-Mera Souls Of We
Trinacria Mar De Grises
Place Of Skulls Luna Mortis
Papa Roach Faded Hope
My Dying Bride Crown The Lost