New Kreator Concert Report!
4/20/2018 by Frank Hill

Rather than sit on the bus or an all-night Denny's, Kreator gave Jacksonville a show to remember. The iconic German thrashers washed up on North America shores with the Gods of Violence tour, a massive campaign that started in Europe and crossed the pond on the 70,000 Tons of Metal cruise. Arriving shore-side in February, the band hit 12 dates in 12 cities with co-headliner Sabaton. Mille and the boys are some of the hardest working guys in the business, so a night off just wasn't in the cards.

The band had a dazzling light show, complete with enough fog to build Frosty from thin air. In fact, even from the sixth-row back (the sixth-row in this place is the front row anywhere else) I could only see outlines of the band members within the fog and lights. It was originally puzzling, but as the pulse and ears started pounding, it all made sense...

Read Eric Compton's full concert report here: [Full Column Link]

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